Now that everyone in America hates each other, Putin is victorious. Let’s assume that Putin wanted to destroy America. What is the most efficient and cheapest way to accomplish that? Through hatred, of course. Trump began his presidential campaign, by pitting America against Muslims and Hispanics. Although 1 in 4 Iranians hold a Masters Degree or higher, the largest percentage of any ethnic group, Trump wants them out of the country, PoliticalHaze.

If I told you that Russia is forcing the president to destroy America, you’d think I was describing the next 007. However, is it really that outlandish? For the sake of the argument, imagine Trump owes Putin a lot of money. Putin offers to clean the slate, if Donald runs for president and then destroys America if he wins. You gotta admit, the legislation he has enforced and the platforms he has taken sure appear as if he is trying to do that.

After all, all of his nominations are clearly unqualified. He chose his family nanny to head a region of HUD. He chose truck drivers and a country club attendant to head high grade positions at the Agriculture Department. Nick Brusky the truck driver, for example, was awarded an awesome job by Trump. The job ranked at G-12 on the government’s pay scale. All applicants for G-12 jobs must have a master’s degree. A glance at Brusky’s resume online shows he never even graduated college!

The greatest consequence of Trump, is that he has forced the republican party to actually defend his blatant racism. I am in shock, when I watch the news, and conservative pundits are actually defending Trump’s statement to keep Haitians out of the country. The president of the United States actually called other less affluent countries “shitholes”! This morning, I watched one conservative explain how when Haitians arrive in America they are not educated. Is this really America, in 2018???!!!

What fools! We can ignore the facts all we want, but we can never change them. More immigrants pour into our country everyday. Plus, legislation like drug legalization and gay marriage is constantly making our country more liberal. Republicans are trying so hard to please their tiny base, although their demands will never be met.

Without stealing elections and gerrymandering, republicans have no chance in our liberal leaning society.

Senators Tom Cotton R-Ark. and David Perdue R-Ga., said they did not “recall” the president referring to Haiti and other African countries as “shithole countries”. That sounds like a weak defense to me. They could have been more defiant and asserted that ‘Trump absolutely didn’t say that’. But then, what if some secret recording came out and proved them to be the disgusting liars that they are. If you don’t “recall” someone saying something that they did, that really isn’t a lie. Aren’t these republicans so sneaky?

I wrote this article almost two years ago. It was so apparent to me, that Trump was trying to destroy the republican party. During the election, I was convinced that Trump was actually a democrat in disguise. The republican establishment was also cognizant of Trump’s ulterior motive, but what could they do? The republican voters elected Donald Trump. If they obstructed Donald Trump, the back lash might have been even more damaging to the republican party.

Our country hates each other. This hatred though, is approved by the president of the United States. That could be a tough authority to oppose in any argument. After all, we obey the president when he tells us to shoot the enemy. Aren’t we supposed to obey him, if he tells us to hate the guy selling ice cream cones to our daughter, or driving our son to school?

Think of how confused the children of a Trump supporter must be. At the dinner table, they listen to their parents speaking about how inferior this race is or how menacing that race is. And then they watch Sesame Street, where Big Bird instructs them to love everyone equally.