Trump doesn’t like Haitians cause, according to him, they don’t provide to our economy. Not only is this statement the epitome of racial injustice, as the core of this argument is entirely based on stereotypes and not facts, but it is also a real head-scratcher. Considering his refusal to show his taxes, I don’t think Trump provides very much to our economy. And those tank-top wearing Trumpkins, who think that our president can walk on water? They don’t pay much in taxes either. So according to Trump, himself and his supporters should be booted out of the country.

Apparently, his grotesque logic reasoned that everyone who lives in a “shit hole”country wants to come to America to better their lives. On a side note, the migration Trump was referring to was kind of like what his grandparents did. Of course, this is the beauty of America. As inscribed in the Statue of Liberty, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” Trump then proposed a clever idea of bringing in more people from Norway than Haiti or El Salvador. Trump reasoned that people from Norway are educated and hence, would be valuable components to our society.

Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” the president said, according to the Post, citing people briefed on the meeting.

President Trump’s vision of America is indeed very beautiful. Imagine a country entirely filled with doctors and engineers! Trump was just visualizing his utopia, where every citizen contributes to our society. There are some massive contradictions to Trump’s twisted logic though. First of all, how much does Trump contribute to our country? We don’t know, because he refused to show his taxes. We can assume that he rapes Lady Liberty come tax time.

So if he only respects people that contribute to our economy, he doesn’t value himself very much. Nor does he value his supporters. If you examine our nation, states that are generally more republican tend to use up benefit systems like welfare and unemployment more than democratic ones. In fact, the heartland of Trump supporters, the poor and rural regions of America, are supported by democratic wealthy states, like New York and California.


According to Trump, if he only values groups of people that contribute to our economy, he must really hate republican states like Mississippi, Louisiana and South Dakota. Ironically, these were some of Trump’s strongest states in the 2016 elections.

According to  *Wallethub, these are the most federally dependent states of 2017.


* Rank
(1 = Most Dependent)
State * Federal Dependency ** Percentage of state that voted for Trump
1 Kentucky 76.16 62.5%
2 Mississippi 75.59 57.9%
3 New Mexico 73.88 40%
4 Alabama 72.45 62%
5 West Virginia 68.97 69%
6 South Carolina 68.17 55%
7 Montana 65.91 56%
8 Tennessee 61.76 61%

** The New York Times.

Trump’s tax plan implements heavy reductions in food stamps and health insurance for the needy. Such cuts would “inevitably reach many of the lower-income and less-educated whites that have emerged as the cornerstone of the modern Republican coalition,” Ronald Brownstein wrote in the Atlantic. Essentially, the vast majority of Trump supporters vote against their best interests.

There is no question that republican states milk our government of more food stamps and welfare than democratic ones. Hence, according to Donald Trump’s reasoning, his supporters are not contributing to our society and should either be imprisoned or exiled. Detention costs would be high though. So we should just kick them out.

I would gladly trade 25 Trumpkins for 5 Haitians.