Bannon is a smart guy. When he was in Trump’s administration, political analysts considered him the most powerful man in Washington. As Trump’s chief adviser, he sculpted legislation to cripple the Republican party. Long ago, he confessed that his goal was to tear down the government, starting with the Republican party. “I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.” TheGuardian

We can all agree that Trump and Bannon did succeed in destroying the republican party and in turn, empowering democrats. Anyone can force their way into Washington and write up all this crazy legislation. But what sort of impact will they leave, if all of their legislation is repealed as soon as they are gone? After all, isn’t that the true test of a politician? How long will their ideologies remain after they leave office?

If Bannon and Trump really cared as much about America as they do their bank accounts, you’d think they would work more to ensure their legislation would last. To me, it looks as if Trump’s administration has really been nothing more than a four year long Breitbart and TrumpTV commercial.

On a side note, TrumpTV will undoubtedly happen as soon as he is out of office. With a third of the country hopelessly infatuated with Trump, TrumpTV will be a huge money maker! I have always speculated TrumpTV as the explanation for a lot of Trump’s seemingly moronic legislation. Everything Trump does is to appease that 30%, cause he is betting them to be monthly subscribers to TrumpTV. Why else would he defend white supremacists, or get  out of the Paris Accord, or attempt to ban religions from entering our country, or relocate the Israeli American embassy? All of these puzzling presidential decisions, were made to appease his fan base, a.k.a TrumpTV potential viewers.

No president has ever had such disastrous approval numbers as Trump. After he passed his tax breaks to the wealthy, the backlash against him has become overwhelming. Trump is so unpopular, he must be confident that his legislation won’t last a day into the next administration. The next administration will just have to repeal Trump legislation to gain unfettered approval. So then what is the point? Why does Trump go out of his way to be so hated?

Ironically, the educated and liberal lifestyle he comes from is nothing like the conservative views of hatred that he spews. He defends white supremacists, despite what they want to do to his Jewish grandchildren. He was a democrat his entire life. He has worked with Middle Easterns and Hispanics before, but now wants them banned from our country. Could it be, that Trump is just doing all of this to maintain his fan base? Imagine following a leader, who doesn’t even follow the guidance he gives!

While Trump’s legislation may be instantly repealed, there will be long lasting repercussions from the Trump administration. The republican party will be decimated. This has always been a self proclaimed goal of Bannons’. He is always talking about how he wants to shrink government, thereby delineating government responsibilities to his buddies in the private industry. But he isn’t stupid. He knows that when he is gone, all of his legislation will be repealed and the republican party will be shattered as a result of him. The destruction spread by Bannon and Trump will just lead to democratic control. When you destroy one party in a two party system, your just helping the other one.

Fundamentally, any republican who voted for Trump to destroy the republican party, should be quite pissed. Trump sure made fools of them!