Donald Trump’s inauguration was supposed to be the party of the century. In fact, to maximize the amount that the “inauguration committee” could collect, Donald Trump himself got rid of caps on individual contributions. In the end, Trump’s “inauguration committee” took in a whopping $107 million! Turned out to be a very lame affair. So what did they spend $107 million on? I’m sure I could afford the acts that played at the inauguration such as The Piano Guy and DJ Ravidrum for my niece’s Bat Mitzvah.

Where did all that money go? The inauguration committee won’t say.

“We must decline comment at this time,” Kristin Celauro, a spokeswoman for the inaugural committee’s chairman, Thomas Barrack, said this week in response to  a USA TODAY inquiry about the committee’s finances. USAToday

As a result, the press began inquiring about this massive amount of money. The inauguration committee admitted they didn’t spend all the money, so they said they would give the leftover to charity. Eight months later, there has been no word about the money. They also announced that in April, they would proudly broadcast which lucky charities got the money. But nothing. PoiticalHaze

Last September, eight months after the inauguration was held, they were still twiddling their thumbs trying to figure out what do we do with all the extra money. APNews

We know they raised $107 million. All other figures regarding the inauguration, like how much it cost, have been shrouded in secrecy. All we have is their word. For example, the inauguration committee, claimed that the concert cost $25 million. But Obama had his inauguration at the same place, except with 40 times more people, and an awesome list of the greatest current musical acts. That kick ass party cost $5 million.

None of the names in Trump’s “inauguration committee” had ever done anything having to do with an inauguration. However, they were all good friend’s of Trumps, and big contributors to his campaign.

The elite top Trump campaign contributors were placed in the “inauguration committee”. $25 million in donations earned casin0 magnate Sheldon Adelson a place in the “inauguration committee”. It seems as if being in this committee was a reward from Trump. The question is why.

American political tradition mandates that left over money from inaugurations are donated to charity. Considering the massive amount of money collected for Trump’s inauguration, as well as how cheap and crappy the inauguration actually was, there should be record amounts of money waiting to go to charity. However, they haven’t donated a penny.

They could have just invested that money in a hedge fund. After almost two years interest, that $107 million would be looking pretty phat right now.