On Sunday, the Trump administration released a report that sent shivers through the nation. The report claimed that three quarters of terrorism convictions are immigrants to America. If this story was from “The White House”, I wouldn’t have wasted saliva in speaking it. But what was real nerve racking was that, according to the report, the information was taken from the DHS. Rawstory

An analysis conducted by DHS determined that approximately 73 percent (402 of these 549 individuals) were foreign-born,” says the report.

This news could terrify people for different reasons. If someone believes that, they might start agreeing with our president, and his anti-immigrant campaign. If someone doesn’t believe that, they may be terrified that the Trump administration is willing to lie and make up things that other government departments say. Either way, the Trump administration immigrant report was frightening.

Why does he lie so much?

Turns out that Trump was falsely citing departments as reputable as the DHS. Trump has gotten so desperate that he actually is making up facts to turn us against immigrants. Even more shocking, is that his supporters will defend him. They have been brainwashed already. Ask any Trump supporter who the majority of terrorists are on American soil. Although all credible information states domestic terrorism is a far greater threat, Trump supporters will blindly denounce immigrants.

Facts tell a different story. According to facts, domestic terrorism is far more threatening to your life than Islamic radicals. If Donald Trump was right, I reckon he’d be able to find at least one reputable source that would back his opinion. Instead, he has to make them up. This disgusting lie is a common republican selling point. If you believe them that immigrants are dangerous, than of course you will vote for the party that will protect you against this make believe evil. 

The world is laughing at us

What does that say about the majority of republicans who believe that? Doesn’t that shock you? Although facts compiled by a republican agency reveal an entirely different conclusion, many republicans have been brainwashed to hate anyone not born in our country. Hitler’s power was based on the exact same laws of hatred. Once a leader convinces his people of a threat, than his rule is cemented. Trump learned this very law from Hitler. His ex wife said he kept Hitler’s book on his night table, as if a bible, BusinessInsider.

Just a few months ago, the Government Accountability Office prepared a report for Congress, titled, “Countering Government Extremism“. The report clearly stipulates domestic terrorism is a much bigger concern than radical Islamist extremists. The report stated that of the 85 violent extremist acts that involved death since September 12, 2001, right wing extremists, like white supremacy and KKK were involved in 62 of them, 73%.

Without your hatred, would Trump be in office?

On a side note, remember when our president said white supremacy has good people in it?!!!!? Our president is defending the groups that kill more innocent Americans, but denouncing the ones that kill less.

Trump’s entire campaign hinged on his ability to make uneducated Americans hate immigrants. The very first thing he said on the campaign trail was how he would ban Muslims and kick out Hispanics from our country. From the start, Trump was telling his supporters to fear those people, and that he was the only one to protect them from those people.

Hitler had the exact same campaign strategy. Hitler propelled himself to power on the wings of hatred. This is such an easy campaign strategy. It is so easy to make people hate others. Would Trump have been able to gain the White House without his hate mongering of immigrants? So far, his legislation has only benefited his family and himself and people in his uber wealth bracket. In other words, Trump made America hate each other so that he would get elected and make a lot of money.