Trump must regret that he is president. During the campaign, I wrote a bunch of articles about how Trump’s ultimate goal was to start TrumpTV. His candidacy was nothing more than the most spectacular commercial ever produced. From day one, his goal was to shock as many people as possible. When he pledged to kick out Hispanics from our country, for example, a section of America agreed with him, another section disagreed with him, but all Americans were intrigued. This is Advertising 101. Nothing different from seeing a cool movie trailer. It intrigues you, and eventually baits you into buying a ticket. If you are really trying to be president of the United States, probably the last thing you’d want to do is offend one of the three biggest demographics in our country.

Trump TV – Coming to a Shi*ter Near you!

Who could argue, with a straight face, that the people he chose to help him in his campaign, don’t prove his only intentions were to start TrumpTV. Roger Ailes (Fox News chief) and Steve Bannon (Executive Chairman of alt-right Breitbart) wouldn’t be my choices to head my presidential campaign. However, those two would be top on my list if I was forming a right wing media channel.

Here is the good news. Reading this will form a wide smile on any person who isn’t crazy about our president.

If Trump’s plan went as he wanted, he would have lost the election and started TrumpTV, which would have been enormous. His fortune would have multiplied. Do you really think Trump wants to build a better country for you and your kid? You really think the same guy who scammed $21 million in tuition from little kids, loses sleep at night thinking about the state of America’s education system? He just cares about fattening his wallet. The plan failed miserably, as becoming president has produced the opposite effect on his wealth.

For the next couple of decades, Trump would have his own channel. More notable though, none of Trump’s crime would have been investigated. In addition, the filthy crimes of his children would have gone unnoticed. Also, his real estate empire would have continued truckin’ along. Undoubtedly, with a huge television channel under his belt, his resorts would have attracted countless celebrities. Hence, the price of his rooms would have skyrocketed.

If he lost, Hillary would be president. Hillary would also be Trump’s pinata. He had already fooled a huge portion of the country into hating her. If she was president, Trump would be inciting this hatred every minute of the day. Everyday, he would promulgate his defeat. He’d tell his viewers how he was batting for them. Hillary cheated, and struck him out. There’d probably even be a show on his channel devoted to Benghazzi and those emails. The channel would be devoted to smearing Hillary 24-7.

If only he would have lost…..

The fact that Trump didn’t release his taxes isn’t as crazy as the fact that Trump actually decided to run for president with the intentions of not showing his taxes. There is a very fine difference between the two. The only explanation, is that Trump did not expect to get so far into the campaign as to have to reveal his taxes. The very first day that he announced his candidacy, he shocked the world with his plans to ban Muslims and Hispanics from entering our country. It was like the 70s “Gong Show”, and Trump was trying to amuse the audience before being yanked from stage.

But he never was yanked.

He must regret his decision to run bigly! As a result, he is being investigated by the FBI. His families crimes, which would have most likely, been ignored, are now featured on the first page of every American newspaper. His businesses have all plunged since becoming president. Most notable though, is the destruction he has inflicted on the republican party. The “Religious Right” were tricked into endorsing an accused sexual predator that stole hundreds of thousands of dollars in tuition money from little children. Meanwhile, republican politicians were forced into actually endorsing a child molester. The party is a joke. To make matters even worse for them, the only legislation they passed was disgusting tax bill, to save the uber wealthy a lot of money.

If you didn’t vote for Hillary, you will always be the butt of the ultimate joke. You voted for a snake oil salesman who didn’t even intend on winning. He was just milking America to become viewers of his channel. Hillary was considered the most qualified candidate to ever run for president. You voted for the least qualified candidate. Like a little puppet, you were manipulated by a foreign power. You are nothing more than clay in Putin’s hands.