During the campaign, a lot of Trump supporters listed the opioids epidemic as one of their chief concerns. After all, according to Business Insider, counties that went predominantly Trump, experienced high numbers of drug, alcohol and suicide deaths. This was ultimately Trump’s master plan. Trump intentionally went after demographics that were poor, destitute, and uneducated. Desperate voters such as these, were sitting ducks to Trump’s grand campaign promises. Kind of like a false idol, promising their minions the sun and the moon. Trump went after desperate voters. Desperation and drug use go hand in hand.

Opioids were so important to Trump supporters that in October, to placate his base, Trump announced a 90 day public health emergency. Trump promised that this “emergency” would be implemented to “liberate” Americans from the “scourge of addiction”. Now those 90 days are up, and guess what? Trump did nothing but disappoint his supporters a little more.

Kraig Moss, AKA Trump Troubadour, was a Trump roadie during the campaign. He followed Trump across America, attending all of his rallies. His son died of an overdose. With a cowboy hat and a mean guitar, the Trump Troubadour sang songs about Trump and his dead son.

During an Iowa rally in January 2016, Trump spoke directly to Moss. He said into a microphone, “The biggest thing we can do in honor of your son … we have to be able to stop it.” WashingtonPost

Moss was devastated shortly after Trump’s victory, when he released his version of the Affordable Care Act. Addiction treatment was almost entirely slashed.

“This bill is just the absolute opposite,” Moss told The Washington Post. “I felt betrayed. I felt let down.”

Do you think Trump cared that he “let down” Moss? Of course not. He tricked Moss, as he did America, into voting for him. After he got his vote, Trump could care less about Moss, or his concerns, or his dead son.

Moss must have felt rejuvenated when Trump announced his auspicious 90 day public health emergency. But now that the 90 days are up, and Trump did nothing to combat drug addiction, how does he feel? Trump never intended to fix the opioid crisis. He just said it to placate his base. To trick people like Moss into voting for him. People like Moss heard Trump’s conviction, to cure the cancer that took his son’s life, and was convinced that Trump could walk on water.

Besides declaring that he was going to fight the opioids crisis, Trump did nothing in this battle. He didn’t even propose any new addiction resources or at least set aside a lump of money to pay for this fight. He did nothing. The very first step, would be to hire people in key government drug and health positions. He hasn’t even hired people who would normally be in charge of drug reform.

It isn’t like Trump did shit that turned out to be bad. Despite his promises, he willingly chose to do nothing at all. Trump never intended to do anything to combat the drug crisis. For example, when Trump declared the opioid crisis a ‘health emergency’, he requested no funds. Back in October, Trump chose his words carefully. He called the opioid crisis a public health emergency. In August, Trump promised to make the opioid fight a national emergency. Big difference between those two. A “national emergency” would have automatically received federal funding.

Anyone who thought Trump’s 90 day health emergency was anything but smoke and mirrors needs more help than all the treatment centers in America could offer.

What a smack in the face to a huge majority of his supporters!