When the immigration talks led to a shutdown of the government for three days, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said that Trump’s wall was off the table. Trump countered, that there would be no deal without a wall. Whoever gets that contract to build it will get at least $25 billion. To think that Trump, who is investing his entire presidency into passing this barrier, will not benefit from it, is absurd. His children have even said that Donald only cares about money, Rawstory.

For starters, Trump’s wall would not be effective. Build Trump’s wall twice as big as the Great Wall of China, illegals will still dig tunnels beneath it or get transported in vehicles. Illegal immigration is massive money. When offered massive sums, people will find ways. Second, a structure between Mexico and America would run through a lot of private property and water. This would lead to legal and geographical impossibilities.

The Laredo native and sister of carjacking kingpin Jose Antonio “El Comandante” Armendariz estimates she earned $15,000 to $20,000 a week smuggling immigrants before she was busted in 2012. She says if she were still in the business, a wall wouldn’t slow her down much because there’s always a Border Patrol agent or customs official willing to take a bribe and look the other way. TexasTribune

To think that we are about to hand $25 billion to Trump, to build something as fantastic as a border, is bizarre. Trump has even said that some of Trump’s wall would be see through. What good is it, if there aren’t people watching it? Does the cost also entail these salaries, or is that the state’s responsibility to pay? White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, just said last week, that the wall was not politically possible.

Why has Trump been so adamant about building it?

During the presidential campaign, Trump captivated the minds of our uneducated citizens with a collection of surreal and bizarre promises. One breath he promised this massive wall separating Mexico and America. The next breath, he promised to imprison Hispanics and then ban Muslims. Then, Trump wanted to bring coal back to America’s manufacturing infrastructure.

After Trump became president, one by one, all of those wacky promises fluttered to the ground. He did manage to pass a tax break and save his wealthy friends trillions of dollars while reducing benefits and education to the American people. However, as per helping out the mass of his supporters that carrie him to the White House. Nothing.

As each of Trump’s campaign promises faltered, he never batted an eye. The wall, however, is the only promise he continues to demand. Despite, everyone else in the government, including his Chief of Staff, to disregard his wall idea as some grotesque acid flash back, Trump continues to push it to America.

To think that Trump won’t profit from his $25 billion wall idea is absurd. Whether the contract is handed to his friend’s company, his son’s friend company, or his investor’s friend’s son’s company, Trump will certainly reign in the profits.

Also, what would Trump love more than this massive shrine to Trump? Arguably the largest structure in America. A standing testament to Trump’s great rule. Generations to come, will gaze their eyes on this Trump Wall, and marvel over how great Trump must have been.

Trump wants nothing more than this wall. Therefore, we should fight it more than anything. Look how quick, Trump changed his immigration platforms. It was almost as if he was feigning his refusal to workout a deal for the dreamers. He refused to grant 800,000 dreamers citizenship. However, as soon as his wall was on the table, he is willing to grant millions of illegals citizenship!!??

Do you think it is a coincidence, that the single campaign promise Trump continues to push down our throats, is the only campaign promise that involves billions of dollars?