I have written several articles on the Trump family nanny, who Trump appointed to head of Region II of the Department of Urban Housing and Development. However, I haven’t written much about why he appointed her, and how he profited millions of dollars by having someone like family in that position. Nothing else signifies Trump corruption more than Lynne Patton. Lynne’s short and stocky frame embodies the epitome of just how crooked and corrupt our president is. Those thousands of people whom Lynne is now in charge of supplying a roof over their heads, should be petrified. Her greatest qualification for her new job is that she planned Eric Trump’s wedding.

Would you imagine the fury if Obama handed a similar prestigious position to his family nanny!! Obama would never do that, because he wanted to put the best possible people in positions of power. In appointing his nanny to head this region of HUD, Trump proves he could care less what happens to the thousands of people living in that region. Fattening his wallet is much more important to the leader of our country.

Lynne Patton now controls billions of federal dollars in Region II of HUD, which includes New York City, Newark, Trenton and other cities in this area. A glaring conflict of interest appears. Also in this region is Starrett City, the nation’s largest publicly subsidized housing development. Trump owns a lare percentage of Starrett City. Now that Lynne Patton is distributing federal dollars to the Trump Organization, the family nanny just earned last year’s coffee maker Christmas gift.

The corruption levels are massive under Trump. Starrett City are situated in Lynne’s new region. Trump owns 4% of this government subsidized housing development. Ironically, just a few days ago, a New York state Supreme Court judged approved the sale of Starrett City for a whopping $905 million, TheJewishVoice. 4% of that is 36 million! Not too shabby!

Trump’s father, was an initial investor in Starrett City in 1974. However, since then, Starrett City has received progressively worse HUD inspection scores. In 2007, the score was at 89. Two Octobers ago, the score was at 70. Recently, Starrett City had massive air conditioning problems, NYDailyNews.

If that sale could go through, Trump would receive a phat check. Up until he became president, selling Starrett City has been difficult.

The federal housing secretary has rejected the proposed $1.3 billion sale of Starrett City, a working-class enclave of 46 apartment buildings in Brooklyn, because the prospective buyer has failed to supply adequate financial information or a plan for how the complex would remain “a viable community for New Yorkers of modest means.” NewYorkTimes

However, just a few months after he became president, the sale was approved! Is this a coincidence? Or just a stroke of Trump luck? HUD had been rejecting Starrett City sales for decades. Finally, Trump gets it approved after appointing his kid’s wedding planner to head the region!