Ben Carson is supposed to be a real smart guy. After all, he is a brain surgeon and he is the HUD secretary. However, despite being warned that allowing his son to conduct city business could be a glaring violation of ethics rules, Ben shrugged his shoulders and still allowed it.

I guarantee that every republican who has read that first paragraph (although, undoubtedly exhausted from such a mental exercise) would be adamant that inviting people to an event is harmless. Detecting crime requires some analysis. I’m sure Ben Carson would agree, that he is innocent. Under the table corruption often goes unnoticed, because uneducated people have trouble noticing the crime.

On June 14, Lynne Patton and Mason Alexander, also Trump appointees in HUD, notified authorities that Carson Jr. and his wife demanded that half a dozen of their business associates be invited to a two day listening tour that Carson did last year as well.

So far this is harmless.

The list of people Carson Jr. invited was Under Armour chief executive Kevin Plank, Genesis Rehab Services co-chief operating officer Dan Hirschfeld, former Enterprises Foundation chairman Fred Harvey III, and members of a family that own significant Baltimore real estate, Myajc.

Three months later, CMS awarded a massive $485,000 contract to consulting company Myriddian. Ben Carson’s son happens to be one of Myriddian’s board members. Even more suspicious, is the fact that the contract was awarded to Myyriddian without the usual competitive bidding process.

The corruption in the Trump administration has never been seen in our nation’s history. Remember earlier, I mentioned two names, Lynne Patton and Mason Alexander, that notified authorities of the potential corruption being committed by the Carson family? Well, I’ve written several articles on Lynne Patton. She was the Trump family maid for her whole working life before she got a top position in HUD.

Heads of departments of government are handing lucrative contracts to family members. The fact that the contracts are non-bid, means the check written could be several times worth the services being negotiated. For all we know, half that check went right back into Carson’s pocket. If, like most republican politicians, Carson is blinded with greed, why wouldn’t he write that check with lots of extra 0s?