The ability to sprout good from something bad is really the point of life. The Parkland shooting was terrible every way you look at it. However, the persistence of it’s surviving students to force politicians to finally reject the NRA and protect the people who put them in office, is a beautiful thing. Bishop Gregory O. Brewer of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida, wrote a letter, published in the Orlando Sentinel, begging Rubio to listen to our nation’s youth and reject big gun companies. After all, Rubio and similar politicians are the only people that could do something to prevent these senseless shootings.

The sad part is that Rubio COULD prevent these shootings. All he has to do is ban the guns needed to execute them. But he refuses to. Shooting after shooting, Rubio keeps asserting that gun laws don’t do anything. If a shooter wants to kill, he’ll get his gun someway. Republicans across the nation all use this simple-minded argument. What’s the point of taking away the machine gun from the clinically insane person?

The first thing he said after the Valentine’s Day Massacre was,

If we do something, it should be something that works. And the struggle up to this point has been that most of the proposals that have been offered would not have prevented, not just yesterday’s tragedy, but any of those in recent history,” Rubio added. “Just because these proposals would not have prevented these does not mean that we therefore raise our hands and say, ‘Therefore, there’s nothing we can do.’” CNN

Gun laws of other countries contradict republican’s logic. In England, for example, where police don’t even carry guns, gun homicides are next to to nothing compared to the same figure in America. According to a USA Today article from last year, England, with a population of 56 million, has 50-60 gun deaths a year. Compare that to America, that is six times larger in population but has 160 times more gun deaths.

Elected official Rubio’s refusal to save the lives of our children, becomes more horrifying when you consider the millions of dollars the NRA gives to Rubio. Undoubtedly, this is why a supposed representative of the “Religious Right” will thumb his nose at a bishop that pleads with him to change his legislation.


At least give it a try. What does Rubio have to lose (besides the millions in donations) to try banning guns?

Now a bishop is imploring Rubio to change our gun laws. So Rubio, who is supposed to be this representative of the “religious right”, is actually thumbing his nose at religion as well as children, when all they want is a safer world. Rubio, who republicans consider to be this messenger of god, is actually beholden to which ever industry gives him the most money. Check out this article, Marco Rubio talks Jesus, religion at Fox News GOP debate. There have been charlatans and con artists since the start of time. Nothing new there. I find it amazing though, that fellow citizens would actually take religious advice from someone who allows children to keep getting murdered for the right price! I guess you don’t have to wake up too early to pull one over a republican. What suckers!