If only Trump never ended Obama’s law to screen people who are mentally ill and want guns, this tragedy that occurred in my backyard in Florida, would never have happened. Some might accuse my language of being too definitive. How can I be so sure that this mentally ill shooter wouldn’t have gotten his gun another way? Of course there is a way, but if it wasn’t so easy for him undoubtedly, things would have turned out differently.

No where else in the entire world, is it so easy for a mentally unhinged person to go get a gun that would kill the maximum amount of people. Even more astonishing, is the fact that the National Rifle Association actually gives the individual law makers substantial amounts of money to pass lax gun legislation.

Trump is no different. Although the guy probably never fired a gun in his life, his loyalty to the NRA is immense. Apparently, the NRA knows that the keys to the president’s heart is through money, lots of it. The NRA gave a whopping $21 million to his campaign, Romper.

According to PBS, during a speech to the NRA, Trump said,

You have a true friend and champion in the White House.

I wrote this article, PoliticalHaze, a few months ago. It was about Trump getting rid of Obama’s law that checked people with mental illnesses who wanted guns. That law seemed like such a no-brainer. Preventing crazy people from getting guns should be the very bear minimum. I understand if the NRA is shoveling money down the pockets of our politicians, they will have their laws approved by the NRA before voting on them. Like the $3.2 million they gave to Sen. Marco Rubio. Of course such gratuity will influence their legislation. Give guns to everyone you want, but unstable and violent and mentally ill people shouldn’t have guns. Whats the point of our government, if we allow crazy people to walk by us in the street holding guns?

The most tragic element of this article, is why Trump decided to kill Obama’s sensible law. After all, the Valentines Day Massacre would not have occurred, if that law was still being obeyed. The 17 Florida families that will forever be in pain, shouldn’t blame the shooter, but blame the man who put the gun in the hands of this unstable boy.

Trump trashed the bill about a year ago. During this great event, Trump signed two bills that his daughter was promoting. Interestingly enough, Trump waited for all the journalists to file out of the room before signing the last bill, that allowed clinically insane people to buy guns as easy as a pack of eggs. No president wants full coverage signing that bill! LOL!

There was a reason why Trump got rid of Obama’s law in solitude. He knew it looked really bad. He also knew that people would die as a result. I guess as he signed it, he just hoped that him or his family wouldn’t be a part of the next gun shooting.