The FBI is looking into the possibility that Russia illegally funneled money to the NRA, in their push to get Trump elected. It is a crime to use foreign money to influence federal elections. If the NRA is guilty of this crime, every republican will be stabbed in the back. After all, the NRA is the republican epitome of freedom and liberty. To think, the NRA colluded with Russia would force republicans to readjust their opinions.

According to one staunchly republican website, check out what the NRA represents.

We stand for freedom and fight to keep it.

We stand for our families and for our friends and neighbors.

We stand for the liberty and values that have always defined us, and our America, as the greatest nation on Earth.

NRA members stand and, when the flag of our great nation is presented, we stand with resolution and pride. Americas1stFreedom

If it turns out the NRA illegally accepted money from Russia to steal our election, I wonder if the person who wrote that would change their mind.

The NRA could possibly face charges of treason. Putin doesn’t care about US politics. Putin just wanted to sow discord in America. All he wanted to do was make us fight each other. He certainly has succeeded in such a mission. If it turns out that the NRA was an accomplice to Russia’s nefarious objective, and illegally accepted foreign money to influence our most sacred democratic institution, someone from the NRA should face treason charges.

The FBI is investigating Akexander Torshin, the best known link between the NRA and Russia. Torshin is the deputy governor of Russia’as central bank. He is known to have a close relationship with both Putin and the NRA.

Someone gave the NRA a huge contribution during the election. The NRA spent $55 million on the ’16 elections, that includes $30 million for Trump. Such an astonishing number is three times what they invested in Romney’s campaign. Even more suspicious is that the majority of that money was spent by a part of the NRA that doesn’t have to disclose it’s donors. McclatchyDC

Torshin has met with Donald Trump Jr. at an NRA convention. He unsuccessfully tried to arrange a meeting between Trump and Putin. In 2015, Torshin hosted two dinners for an NRA delegation visiting Russia. In fact, the Senate Intelligence Committee questioned Donald Trump Jr. about his meeting with Torshin.

A lot of evidence is pointing to the NRA having played a much bigger role in the Trump-Russia collusion. For example, Maria Butina is a protege of Torshins’. She ran a Russian pro-gun group that he started. Paul Erickson is a republican who raises money for the NRA. He is also a good friend of Maria Butina. He wrote an email to his boss, Attorney General Jeff Sessions about how they could hook up Putin and Trump.

Mark my words, Trump will turn out to be the death of the republican party.