All democrats should be grateful to Trump for illustrating the gargantuan levels of republican hypocrisy. The only traits required to gain the vote of an uneducated republican is that ‘R’ next to their names. Trump has proven that absolutely nothing else matters. Every single complaint they had with Obama, seems like an overdue library book compared to what they let Trump get away with. Literally, if a democrat did one of the millions of sins that Trump has committed in his life, there would be impeachment charges instantly. The first ladies father is a registered Communist. I could care less about that. The problem I have, is wondering what would have happened if Michelle Obama’s dad was a registered Communist.

That is just the tiniest head on this massive spear of republican hypocrisy. The fact that someone could call themselves a member of the “religious right” but then vote for someone who was being sued, at the time of the elections nonetheless, in a class action for stealing money from little children, should make the floors of heaven crash upon our homes. That is just one of Trump’s crimes on a rap sheet that would make Al Capone envious. Plus, he cheats on his wife with porn stars! Still, Ozzie and Harriet won’t be seen without their MAGA hats.

The Clinton Foundation scores the highest possible rating for a charity, in terms of the percentage of money collected that goes to intended causes. Charity Watch is one of the most reputable charity review sites. Thousands of impoverished people around the world rely on the Clinton Foundation for their food and medicine. Appallingly, the “religious right” attacked the Clinton Foundation so viciously that many people decided not to donate their money to the Clinton Foundation. As a result, Donald Trump became president and thousands of little children around the world starved. Republican hypocrisy is out of the roof! Snopes

When your opponents are as upstanding as people like the Obamas or the Clintons you have to dig real deep to find anything. Hillary’s biggest sin was that she sent emails on an unprotected server. Remember how furious republicans were with that? I understand the severity of exchanging national secrets through unprotected areas, but essentially, if Hillary went to trial over this, and she got hammered with the strictest possible penalty, it would be involuntary. She sent an email not knowing it was  unprotected. The hypocrisy in this situation is incredible!


Involuntary manslaughter is terrible, but the defendant never intended for someone to die. It is a totally different crime than actually plotting some nefarious crime. Still, republicans were so enraged. But they have no problem when Donald Trump VOLUNTARILY stiffs thousands of small mom and pop laborers for services rendered.

They filed impeachment charges against Bill Clinton because of a sexual harassment charge. However, they voted for Trump WHILE he was being sued in a massive class action suit with tons of plaintiff women claiming Donald Trump did much worse things to them than what Paula Jones claimed Bill did to her!

In conclusion, Trump has shown the true putrid colors of a republican. Trump garnered a huge amount of republican support, much more than the usual republican politician. But why? What did they see in him? City-slicking reality-show Hollywood celebrity Donald Trump is the antithesis to the evangelical republican. He had spent his life stealing from businesses and little kids and sexually assaulting women. However, evangelicals came in boatloads to vote for him.

Just look at Trump’s budget. For Obama’s eight years, republicans were screaming about eliminating the budget deficit. However, the budget that they produced, almost doubles the deficit, from $666 billion in 2017 to $1.1 trillion in 2018, WashingtonPost. So despite what they preach, republicans are not very faithful and they are certainly not advocates of a fiscal economy.

Hypocrites are deplorable people, because they say one thing but do something else. Faith is the most important thing to voter John Trumpkin, but he will vote for a man who has spent his life stealing. Obviously, faith is not very important to Mr. Trumpkin. So then why is he so eager to hand our country over to someone clearly unqualified as Trump? If John Trumpkin is not voting for the most pious individual, what is he voting for? Imagine if Donald Trump ran as a democrat. Would these uneducated republicans still be so enamored with him?

It could be Donald Trump, Gary Coleman, Bugs Bunny, or Eddy Muenster, as long as there is an ‘R’ next to the name, half the country will blindly vote for them. Donald Trump has proven that to the vast majority of republicans political experience, moral background, and spiritual enlightenment are nothing but leaves blowing in the wind. Such important characteristics that shape a person and define a president, were entirely ignored by anyone who voted for Trump.

What a shame, we all have to suffer because they were so easily tricked.