Politics are very queer. Sometimes, the easiest way to get into politics is by convincing your voters that you are like them. Doesn’t matter so much, if you are like your voters, but as long as you can convince them you are, you will get their vote. A man’s faith is the most effective attribute to manipulate. Take Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, for example, whose district is the Florida panhandle, possibly the most conservative district in the country. Despite a lifestyle that overwhelmingly contradicts his faithful constituents, Matt Gaetz continues to be elected.

A few weeks ago, while on Fox News, Matt Gaetz was the one to accuse the FBI of having this “secret society”. As soon as those two words were spoken, every toothless republican was in heaven as they imagined this secret society aimed at taking down Trump. As soon as democrats pulled the floor from under this giant balloon float, the conspiracy was squashed. Literally, it only took a few hours.

Like Donald Trump, Matt Gaetz needs to peddle these ludicrous conspiracies, in an attempt to distract people from his true deplorable identity. Gaetz has a graveyard of skeletons in his closet. Democrats should find some consolation that republicans can only find the very bottom of the barrel to promote their platforms. They can’t even find a single politician to practice what they preach, such as Trump, Gaetz and every other republican.

Let’s start while Gaetz was a student at Florida State University. His roommate’s body was discovered under a clouds of very suspicious circumstances.  Sources close to the investigation of the death, however, told WMR (Wayne Madsen Report) that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigated the death as a possible homicide but the agency was later politically-pressured to rule it a suicide. 

Gaetz is lucky to have a family deeply enshrined panhandle politics. His father was the last person before him to hold his senate seat. His grandfather was the mayor of Rugby, North Dakota, MoonBaseParty. He got his DUIs where his father was a local politician. As a result, each DUI silently escaped out the window. A few of those DUIs, when he was arrested, he refused to take a breathalyzer test, though he held onto a license. Such a practice is uncommon in Florida. To put a delicious ironic spin on this, turns out that not only were Gaetz’ DUIs thrown out, but the arresting officer was forced to resign. TampaBay

Strong rumors have circulated about Gaetz’ sexuality. According to the IntrepidReport, Mark Gaetz started a gay relationship with a pastor of a mega-church in Fort Walton Beach. With all of his sins, is it not shocking that this guy represents one of the most conservative districts in the country?

Donald Trump falls into the same pool of amazing success with fooling his voters. You would think the ultra religious in the country would frown upon repeated sinners. Instead, they idolize them. I feel our answer lies in education. Many of Trumps’ and Gaetz’ staunchest supporters, although being very religious, are also not very educated.