43 million Americans rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, SNAP, formerly known as Food Stamps, to eat. Instead of sending Food Stamps to these Americans, Trump would like to send them a packaged meal. Of course, this would be infinitesimally cheaper.  Instead of sending cash, if Trump’s law passes, the government would send Salisbury Steaks and SPAM to 43 hungry Americans. NPR

Trump’s tax bill, which most of the republicans passed without reading, CNN, gave tremendous amounts to the wealthy. In fact, Fortune Magazine, called Trump’s tax bill, the “biggest wealth grab in modern history.” Trump’s tax bill gave so much money to him and his friends, that many CEOs shelled out bonuses to their thousands of workers.

That is great and all, but every penny given to Trump & Friends must come from somewhere. Such a tremendous giveaway will cost the government a lot of cash. Trump’s ultimate plan to afford gifts to him and his family is also the same blueprint of republican theocracy, make the poor pay for it. Instead of America paying for less affluent families to eat and live, republicans prefer to use that money to pay for another boat or a cottage in the Alps.

Republicans have always campaigned on getting rid of welfare and food stamps. They argue that food stamps serve a bad purpose. According to their evil logic, food stamps are bad because they encourage recipients not to work. Sadly, these same politicians don’t care as much about Trump’s children. Donald Trump Jr. doesn’t have to work a day in his life, yet republicans keep stuffing his pockets with money.

Under Trump’s proposal, Americans who receive at least $90 a month in SNAP, which makes up 80% of SNAP recipients, would instead receive a Trump package. Little detail went into what this “package” would consist of. Although, it was already decided that the “package” would have no fresh vegetables or fruit. Trump plans on reducing SNAP expenses by $129 billion in ten years.  NPR

This legislation will allow Trump to hand over billions of dollars to himself and his family. However, in the future, long after Trump has left the White House, the true effects of this legislation will come back to haunt the country. 43 million, roughly an eighth of our population, will eat the cheapest possible foods. I doubt Ivanka would feed her poodles with what her father wants to feed the nation’s poor. Undoubtedly, after years of eating this shit, people will be crippled with devastating health side effects. These people won’t have health insurance. We will pay for their medicine and their treatment.

When that day comes though, Trump and Ivanka will be drinking Mai Tais on a beach.