President Trump’s desire to maintain loyalty through a military parade is a technique used by dictators throughout history. In Trump’s defense though, his push for a parade of force is much more indicative of his supporters than it is of him. Trump thinks that when Americans see how awesome our army is, maybe we will forget about all the shit he has spread. I can’t speak for John and Jane Trumpkin, but I sure as heck fire wouldn’t be impressed with the hugest military parade in history. We live in a different era.

Parades in general are not as effective as they were a hundred years ago. Like the circus used to be a great event, because that was the only time we would see those attractions. Considering Trump’s rise to power has been modeled after such leaders as Stalin and Hitler, of course he assumes we are as easily manipulated as those regimes.

A military parade is a form of propaganda. A countries army is their most valuable commodity. Nothing can impress an uneducated people more than seeing their countries force with their own eyes. Hitler often displayed his military. According to his ex wife, Donald Trump kept Hitler’s book on his night table, BusinessInsider. He studied Hitler’s use of propaganda, as if a bible. Hitler often used military parades to impress his people.

Putin also conducts large scale military parades. Russia is just creeping out of a deep recession. Russian poverty rates are 13%. In 2000, the poverty rates were at 29%, MiceTimes. In such a poor country, it is hard to see why Putin would be compelled to display these massive parades of might that cost millions of dollars. Putin’s Victory Day Parade contains hundreds of military vehicles, a hundred airplanes, and thousands of soldiers. Josef Stalin started this massive parade. To Putin, the rewards of a parade come back ten fold.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un also regularly tries to impress his people by displaying his military.

During similar parades in the past, North Korea has shown off its military hardware as a sign of strength and defiance to those who oppose the state. CNN

These parades are certainly not cheap. For a republican president, who spends nothing on the citizen, to compel a military parade, which will cost in the millions, should peak the curiosity of every American. Why is this so important to him?

Just look at Trump’s budget to see how he prioritizes national interests. He slashes education and welfare, but he wants to spend millions on a military parade. Is anyone else bothered with that disgusting fact? A parade of force is a form of propaganda. The government is the only one that benefits from propaganda. That is why Trump feels so inclined to shell out our tax dollar for this impressive parade. Trump feels that such a parade will benefit him, and make us think that he is our great and beloved leader.