I don’t recognize the republican party anymore. Under Trump, the republican party has completely transformed. The amazing part is how under Junior, I could never imagine the GOP becoming more treacherous and disgusting. Alas, I have been proven wrong. Now, the republican party is nothing more than a thieving group of punks, desperately clawing at the last few pennies in your pocket. More than my opinion though, just look at the platforms of the GOP as proof. Ten years ago, they would have been laughed out of the GOP convention.

For starters, did you hear about Rubio and first daughter Ivanka’s plan for family leave? Donald Trump endorsed the idea in his State of the Union speech. Family leave sure sounds like a ‘benefit’ to me – the most hated word in any republican’s dictionary. Nothing infuriates any republican more than the thought of those minorities sponging on the government’s purse strings. Trump’s tax plan effectively slashes much of the benefits paid out to people who need them. On a side note, the people who need them are generally the ones who voted for Trump. Red states predominantly use more federal aid than blue states, WashingtonPost.

Rubio and Ivanka’s idea would neither impose any mandates nor raise any new taxes. As long as it doesn’t cost America any money then it’s fine with republicans. Rubio’s plan allows people to pay for their family leave with their future Social Security benefits. Let’s say you take six weeks off when you’re 40. Normally, you would get your benefits when your 67. Under Rubio’s new plan, you would get your benefits six weeks after your 67th. Politico

Just a month or two ago, House Speaker Paul Ryan said how Congressional Republicans would devote this year to reducing spending on federal healthcare and anti-poverty programs. Every republican would agree with that one. Better we sit out in the snow and cook a can of beans than get any ‘benefits’ from the government. The less money our government spends on our citizens in need, the more money it could give to their wealthy friends and family.

Now, Rubio wants to implement some enormous family leave package that is based on the same entitlement program other republicans want to get rid of. It doesn’t make sense. Some republicans want to slash entitlements, and others want to create new programs from these same entitlements. What are republican values anymore?

Republicans are certainly not the law and order party anymore. Once upon a time, republicans were the biggest defenders of the FBI, the Justice Department and other agencies. Trump has waged a war against the FBI, alleging that this “secret society” in the FBI is trying to take him down. Such a flamboyant delusion is difficult to accept, considering most people in the FBI, including the person in charge of the Trump investigation, are republicans. The only justification for Trump’s drunken sailor accusations, is that he is setting up his supporters for the day when Mueller comes out and announces Trump’s treasonous charges. At least Trump will be able to say, ‘You see, I told you the FBI was out to get me.’

The president of the United States, trying to tarnish the reputation of our FBI and Justice Department, for his own benefit, is the most despicable example of treason in our nation’s history. Republicans can keep defending him, but the day will come when the irrefutable evidence against Trump is revealed. When FBI evidence proves beyond reasonable doubt that Trump committed treason, we will know why Trump tried to discredit the FBI. Them Trumpkins won’t be laughing then.

What will the republican party look like, after Trump has chewed on it for a bit and spat it out?