The republican Supreme Court shocked every republican on Monday, when they denied a republican request to delay a Pennsylvania state court ruling requiring the state’s congressional map be redrawn. Behind the Trump show going on, I feel this is the political story of the season. As a result, I have written several articles about how republicans abuse the gerrymander.

Supreme Court Assists Republican’s Gerrymandering of Districts in North Carolina

Republican Supreme Court set to Hear Wisconsin Gerrymandering Case

Pennsylvania Top Court Rules Congressional District Map Must be Redrawn Because it Favors GOP, However Top Pennsylvanian GOP Refuses to Comply

Many political websites, like ThinkProgress , feel that the Supreme Court is getting ready to send a lethal blow to the republican party and declare gerrymandering unconstitutional.

There’s no way to be certain why exactly Ginsburg and Sotomayor disagreed with their colleagues — but the most likely explanation is that, despite this temporary setback in Rucho, the Court is about to hand down very good news to opponents of partisan gerrymandering…..


….But if Ginsburg and Sotomayor know that the Wisconsin gerrymander is going down — and that the Court is about to usher in a legal revolution that will sweep away many unconstitutional gerrymanders — then they most likely will want that revolution to move swiftly. The most likely reason why they would want the North Carolina case to be heard on an expedited basis is because they know that they won Whitford, and they want to win Rucho fast enough for it to matter in 2018.  ThinkProgress

As for now, this is all legislative wishful thinking, but if gerrymandering is finally declared unconstitutional, republicans will have no choice but to steal elections, like they did with Trump and Hillary.

Gerrymandering is restructuring voting districts to favor a political party. Look at our country. As immigrants pour in every day and as our society adopts progressive institutions, like drug legalization and gay marriage, America is becoming more liberal. The strict conservative world of Ozzie and Harriet only exists in a republican’s speeches.

Republicans have the old white vote. The only legislation they pass, like Trump’s tax bill benefits the wealthy and takes away benefits from everyone else. This is not an argument. It is a fact that republicans only help the wealthy. After all, their only economic policy has been trickle down. Although trickle down has been proven to fail every single time it is used, republicans keep using it.

It isn’t like every republican voter benefits from republican legislation. The real kicker is that the vast majority of republican voters vote against their best interest. As a result, republicans have an even larger problem than most assume. All of their legislation is for the wealthy old white man. But the wealthy old white man is only a fraction of republican votes. Let’s just imagine that half the country is republican. What percentage of those republicans are voting to have their government assistance removed? A large number.

The gerrymander helps republicans get over this hurdle. Republican analysts will undoubtedly argue that both democrats and republicans use the gerrymander. That might be true, but republicans have to use it much more. Without this cheap trick, republicans will have to resort to other tricks or face extinction. Look at what gerrymandering did for republicans in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania is so gerrymandered towards the right, that Republicans won 13 of the states 18 congressional districts in 2012, and have held those seats ever since. However, 2012 was the year democrats won the popular vote. How could democrats win the popular vote yet lose about 70% of the districts? PoliticalHaze

Just observe republican’s reaction to preserve gerrymandering. Pennsylvania republicans have been forced by the top state court to redraw their maps by Friday. Shockingly, Pennsylvania republicans have decided to ignore the orders, and are now trying to impeach the five justices that declared the maps to be redrawn.

There is a reason why these politicians are risking their careers and even imprisonment to preserve gerrymandering. Without gerrymandering, republicans are dead. Look at the North Carolina image above. The map was drawn up by representative David Lewis. Check out what he said,

 I think electing Republicans is better than electing Democrats. So I drew this map to help foster what I think is better for the country.” NYTimes

These rebellious Pennsylvanian republicans maybe assumed that if they could get their argument to the Supreme Court, they would be declared victorious. After all, the Supreme Court is republican. I’m sure they have a different plan now, after the Supreme Court’s recent moves.