Trump’s new gun law is to arm the teachers. Guns will be pouring into your local high school, if our president’s law passes. Trump wants to arm teachers. In an attempt to reduce school shootings, our president wants to put MORE guns in schools. Guess who also loved that idea? Correct. Other gun toting republicans as well as the NRA, gave Trump’s new gun policy a huge thumbs up.


This idea is so terrible on so many levels. However, it jives with previous republican policy. The NRA writes up republican gun law, so of course every piece of legislation looks like its from the Twilight Zone. The only good this legislation does is for the NRA. More people with guns means more money for the NRA. It is comical to watch republicans justify this legislation. For example, the infamous Stand Your Ground law is in most states across the country. NRA and republicans love this law because it puts guns in more homes. The law is so strange, the legal system says it can not be defended in court. The law states that if someone breaks into your home, you can shoot and kill them and be exonerated.

Miami police chief John F. Timoney said about the gun law, “[w]hether it’s trick-or-treaters or kids playing in the yard of someone who doesn’t want them there or some drunk guy stumbling into the wrong house, you’re encouraging people to possibly use deadly physical force where it shouldn’t be used.”

Any court case involving Stand Your Ground is confusing. As long as I lure someone into my house, I could kill them. I could shoot my intended victim and claim self defense. It is a big mess. As a result, republican legislature is trying to pass a bill that would require the prosecution to prove the defendant’s use of self defense is not valid. Yeah, I had to reread that line a few times myself. It is so complicated in fact, that if this law passes, prosecutors would have to try a case twice. TheTrace

Republicans are so desperate to please their big donor NRA, that they enact the most ridiculous legislation. Sucks that this legislation decides if we live or die. Arming teachers is just as silly as the Stand Your Ground law. For starters, arming teachers wouldn’t have prevented the Valentine Day Massacre. The shooter was expelled. The shooter just walked into the school and started firing down the hallway.

Let’s say the shooter decided to execute his shooting in the class instead of the hallway. Cognizant that the only person with a gun is the teacher, you’d assume the teacher would be the first target. This gun law would save no one, but could cause many more deaths.

Just look at the Valentine’s Day Massacre to see how ineffective an armed teacher would have been. The Parkland deputy was in the parking lot of the school as the shooting took place. He didn’t race in and rescue those kids. Instead, he remained petrified in the parking lot! Whose to say an armed teacher in the next class room from a shooting would be different.

So if the armed teacher isn’t going to save the day, won’t he be posing more risks by carrying around a weapon? Whose to say some kid won’t beat up the teacher in the hallway and take his gun? Or for that matter, if every teacher has a gun, what is to stop some crazy guy from going into the school and taking a teacher’s gun?


For the sake of republicans, perhaps a better way to think of Trump’s law, is to conceive scenarios in which his gun policy would help. Such a challenge is almost impossible. Gun shootings are quick – within a few seconds. If every teacher at a high school is teaching class when a shot rings out, the most likely outcome is that every teacher would start blindly shooting down the hallway. Potentially, this situation could lead to more deaths than the actual shooting.