Have you noticed the death of the Republican party is going on as you read these words? Just look at the latest school shooting. The Stoneman Douglas massacre was a horrifying event. The republican reaction was also disgusting. However, the single ray of light were the survivors. Their protest against guns was so inspirational, that thousands of other high-schoolers across the country joined the protest. You can bet your bottom dollar that none of those young adults will ever vote republican.

The republican party reaction made me sick to my stomach. I’m not alone. The whole country has turned against republicans. The death of their party will certainly be the result. An aide to a state rep., actually accused the high school victim survivors of being “crisis actors” trained to stage “false flag” events. What would motivate someone to hurl baseless accusations at a child who had just gone through the most traumatic event of their life?

Gateway Pundit, a far right pro-Trump website, had a picture of David Hogg, another of the high school victim survivors, with the words “Son of FBI agent.”

Former US Congressman Allen West tried to claim the shooter, Nikolas Cruz, of having Middle Eastern descent. What’s the point of making this ugly lie? Who knows. I guess if he could convince people that the shooter was Muslim, he could promulgate republican disdain of immigrants.

Jack Kingston, a former US representative, said that the student’s “sorrow can very easily be hijacked by left-wing groups who have an agenda.” MiamiHerald


You’d think a politician would want to express their sorrow for the children that were gunned down. Or maybe convey a message of consolation in a moment of terror. Instead, republicans protect their best interest. The NRA gives them a lot of money. As long as that money keeps pouring in, they ignore all the lives stolen.


The morning after the massacre, the students began expressing their opposition to the country’s gun laws. There were some beautiful speeches, drenched in truth. Gonzalez, an 18 year old senior, voiced her disgust with politician’s devotion to the NRA. She singled out the exorbitant amounts the NRA donates to President Trump and Florida Senator Marco Rubio and the republican party.

Look how these old seasoned politicians reacted! Keep in mind, these are high school students. Unable to debate these children, republican politicians resorted to outlandish conspiracies and lies. In their defense, they have no option. They can’t justify their support of selling military grade rifles to children because the NRA gives them millions of dollars. Such a statement would look very bad. Instead, they need to make up conspiracies. I’d be so embarrassed if I voted for any of these charlatans in the republican party.

As a result, our children are being gunned down.

Senator Marco Rubio’s first comment after the massacre was another blow to the country.

If we do something, it should be something that works. And the struggle up to this point has been that most of the proposals that have been offered would not have prevented, not just yesterday’s tragedy, but any of those in recent history,” Rubio added. “Just because these proposals would not have prevented these does not mean that we therefore raise our hands and say, ‘Therefore, there’s nothing we can do.'” CNN

This was a safe conservative statement. Rubio said this the day after the massacre. He didn’t know this shooting would be any different from the countless school shootings in the past. Despite all the children who are gunned down, time and time again, republicans protect those gun laws. Just like Rubio’s speech, republicans will tell America that there is no point to ban guns. Blame it on our mental health facilities or maybe you could blame law enforcement. Blame anything but guns. So Rubio played it safe. He said the same shit he does after all these massacres. Little did Rubio know, this school shooting would strike a chord with the country. Now, Trump and Florida Governor Rick Scott are pushing proposals to gun legislation. The same “proposals” Rubio was so quick to say don’t work.

When these hundreds of thousands of kids who were in the streets protesting Marco Rubio’s cruelty, reach voting age, they will get their revenge. What about minorities? The millions of Hispanics and Muslims living in the country who Trump tried to kick, or who aren’t allowed to enter our country. You think they will ever vote republican? What did they think when they listened to the thunderous cheers that erupted at a Trump rally, as soon as he pledged to kick Hispanics out? They must have been so hurt.

What about women? The republican president was facing a class action lawsuit during election for sexually assaulting countless women. Even Steve Bannon, Trump’s former adviser, acknowledges that women will leave the republican party as a result of Trump’s abuse allegations. NewYorker

Look at how liberal our society has become. Ten years ago I would have never believed that pot and gay marriage would be legal. Republicans try their hardest to stifle our progress. The old white man is typically republican. They are not very keen on change. However, old republicans eventually die and go somewhere really hot. Upon their death, these young protesters will replace them.

The alt right has also contributed to the death of the republican party. Look at CPAC, Conservative Political Action Committee, going on now. Once upon a time it was a meeting place for productive conservative ideology. Now, it is a melting pot of fringe conspiracy theories. One of the speakers will explain his beliefs that George Soros was the mastermind behind the Stoneman shooting.

The death of the republican party has been going on for a long time. Republican voters had been lied to their whole lives. That’s why they chose Trump. Because they hated republicans so much and wanted to try something different. Trump is the exact opposite of the bible thumping conservative. The fact that Trump won the Republican primaries validates my theory. They are finished. Where do they go from here? They’ll never elect another loaf of white bread, like Mitt Romney or George Bush.