Obama passed a law granting all former presidents and their wives lifetime secret service protection. Our current president has made a killing off of this secret service protection. Apparently, me and you and your kid will be paying for Trump’s protection for a long time.

That sentence is so wrong on so many levels. I need more than a blog post to write about the complete injustices in that sentence. For starters, a severe conflict in interest was red flagged with Trump and his secret service protection before he even became president. Every secret service agent that is protecting Trump and his family has to stay close to Trump, which usually means a room at a Trump hotel.

It is one thing to protect the president, but what if the president is profiting from this protection? This scam will continue for decades!

So each Trump has a secret service agent protecting them. In essence, the tax payer has to shell out millions of dollars to pay for the rooms for Trump’s family, plus the secret service rooms. The icing on the cake, is that right before his inauguration Trump jacked up the prices to his rooms, TheHill. Our president is robbing us blind!

We are essentially handing Trump a blank check. A thousand secret service agents have to stay at his hotel. He could price the rooms whatever he wants, and all of them have to stay. This is no small change. Last August, more than 1,000 agents protecting Trump’s family hit salary and overtime caps.

With more than four months to go before the end of the year, director Randolph “Tex” Alles told USA Today the Secret Service can no longer pay hundreds of agents it needs to carry out its protective mission, due in part to the size and activities of Trump’s extended family.

It is horrendous to think of the fortune the tax payer will have to pay to protect Trump, but what about Melania? She isn’t even American. Her father is a registered Communist and we have to spend such a fortune protecting her!

All we can hope for, is that Trump is impeached. He technically would be a former president though, hence, deserving of secret service protection. But if he is behind bars, he wouldn’t need the protection. Unfortunately, it seems the US taxpayer can’t escape footing Melania’s secret service protection.

I’d say the US tax payer got douched with Trump. Considering how much it will cost us to protect him and his wife for the next several decades, what did we get out of this? The only thing Trump did was slash our education and healthcare to give money to himself.