President Trump next legislative endeavor is to eliminate an energy assistance program for the nation’s poorest. Millions of people rely on LIHEAP, the Low Income H0me Energy Assistance Program.  These same people are now petrified that next winter they could freeze to death. Trump is threatening to slash hundreds of additional programs to pay for his tax bill, that Americans rely on to live. Thank your republican politicians for passing this tax bill without even reading it!

The New York Times article, appropriately entitled, The Biggest Tax Scam in History, illustrates the tremendous wealth that the bill will take away from the nation’s poor and give to the nation’s wealthiest. The tax bill diverts so much money to Trump and his family, that Trump needs to scrounge up more money in order to pay for it.

Trump’s administration justifies abolishing the program by claiming it has been destroyed by fraud and that no one will freeze to death without the program.

These arguments are very misleading and wrong,” said Mark Wolfe, director of the National Energy Assistance Directors’ Association in Washington, D.C.

LIHEAP works by having the government supply grants to utility companies. These grants then cover the heating bills of low income families and individuals. LIHEAP had always been a target for Trump. He actually tried to get rid of it last October, but Congress fought him on that. ABCNews

Low income people in hot states like Florida and Arizona also benefit from the program and are kept cool. In fact, six million homes across America survive on this program, ThinkProgress.

Trump’s 2019 budget slashes the heating program for the poor. However, it also slashes funding for foodstamps and welfare. Our nation’s most helpless are literally being left out in the cold.

You could be a republican or a democrat, the truths are still clear as light. Trump wants to take away food and heat from our less fortunate citizens, to pay for tax breaks for himself as well as a spectacular military parade to honor him. Is anyone else disgusted?