A few days ago, former Campbell County, Kentucky, District Judge Timothy Nolan pleaded guilty to promoting human trafficking of minors, unlawful transactions with minors and other felony charges. In total, Judge Timothy Nolan pleaded guilty to 21 counts against 19 victims. 19 innocent lives forever tainted.

Judge Timothy Nolan is 70 years old. The local community was shocked to hear about Nolan’s charges. After all, he was considered a pillar of admiration in Trump County, Kentucky. Every republican from the area admired Nolan. He was a hero in the eyes of the conservative world.

In April 2016, Senator and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, did not appear to endorse Donald Trump as vivaciously as other loyal Trumpkins. This infuriated Judge Timothy Nolan, so he unsuccessfully tried to replace him as delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention.

There’s a concerted effort to try to keep Trump from gaining his rightful place as our nominee and he may not be supported by these delegates even if he was our nominee,” Nolan said.

In August 2016, Nolan was elected to Campbell County School Board. He spoke to packed middle school auditoriums about getting rid of local property tax revenue. Imagine how much republicans loved this guy! All he spoke about was lowering taxes and worshiping Donald Trump. I reckon those are the keys to every Trump lover’s heart. Apparently, Trump inspired him to get into politics. His political career was short lived though. In fact, as soon as he put on his Make America Great Again hat, his world drastically began to unwind.

About two years ago, he sued a website that posted images of him in a shiny Ku Klux Klan robe, Cincinnati. He felt the photos were tarnishing his chances of becoming a mixed martial arts promoter. Turns out the photo wasn’t of Nolan, but one of his good friends. Regardless, Nolan was the one to post the image of his friend in a KKK outfit on his own Facebook page! That was how this legal skirmish began.

It’s a joke in the neighborhood because every year [the friend] dresses up as a Klansman and he has two black grandchildren that he loves to death,” Nolan’s attorney said at the time. The Trump campaign kept Nolan on after the KKK incident. TheDailyBeast article

Then, accusations began to spread through Kentucky concerning disgusting acts on minors by this prominent republican.

He used drugs, threats of arrest and threats of eviction to force women and girls under the age of 18 into sex acts, according to the charges read in court by Judge Kathleen Lape.

  • Nolan paid some victims with heroin and painkillers in exchange for sex.
  • At least one victim lived on his property in southern Campbell County. He threatened eviction unless sex acts were performed.
  • He threatened some victims with arrest, including telling one victim he’d call friends in the FBI and other law enforcement to arrest her. Cincinnati1

Imagine if someone from Obama’s election team did something like this! WOW! But if it is just another republican committing heinous sexual acts on children, it isn’t a big deal. Every other week, literally, another republican is ruined cause of similar charges.

The other week, it was former Senator Moore. A few weeks before that, it was Republican Rep. Eric Schlein. How about when millionaire Trump donor John Boswell was busted for sexually molesting his housekeeper? Could we count him, cause he is just a donor? Or how about Ronald Williams II, hand picked to be in Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission, who got busted with a phone stocked with child porn? Or how about the son of G Gordon Libby, from Watergate, who went on to become Republican California Attorney General, who got busted for sending pictures of his ding-a-ling to children?

The list goes on and on.

Republicans were up and arms regarding Obama’s association with Rev. Wright, although I never figured out why. However, they were totally cool with Trump’s association with this handful of child molesters?

THIS is the religious right of our country? Disgusting.