Lowered taxes is the only thing republicans care about. Every chance they have, they lower our taxes. Our taxes may be low, but they can always be lowered. Before Trump, for example, we paid much closer to the least amount in taxes of industrialized nations than to the top. Check out the list below, before Trump’s taxes, we were at levels close to Chile and Mexico. After Trump’s tax plan though, we now pay next to nothing in taxes.

Tell that to any republican though and they will cheer. A few years ago, deep red states like Oklahoma and Kansas decided to do an experiment. They wanted to prove, once and for all, that slashing taxes and trickle down economics always helps an economy. So Oklahoma and Kansas dropped taxes to historically low levels. Trump’s tax bill is very similar to those of Oklahoma and Kansas – Trump’s tax bill, that every republican passed without even reading! Remember how long it took for them to pass a bill improving your daughter’s healthcare!? LOL!

Probably it wasn’t an experiment. Just look at every time trickle down economics is employed, and it destroys the economy. They must have known that their experiment would fail. Just like Trump’s economic team is well aware that whenever taxes are lowered so dramatically, disaster results.  Considering how much donations they were getting made it all worth it! Oklahoma and Kansas have been destroyed as a result of their taxes. The few wealthy politicians and their friends though, they will be okay. It is just the unfortunate citizens of those states that will suffer.

Suffer is the correct word, because Oklahoma and Kansas have been totally ravaged. No one should be surprised. What do you think happens when a town doesn’t take taxes?

Riding high on the oil boom of the late 2000s, the state followed the Kansas model and slashed taxes. But the promised prosperity never came. In many cases, it was just the opposite.

Around 20 percent of Oklahoma’s schools now hold classes just four days a week. Last year, highway patrol officers were given a mileage limit because the state couldn’t afford to put gas in their tanks. Medicaid provider rates have been cut to the point that rural nursing homes and hospitals are closing, and the prisons are so full that the director of corrections says they’re on the brink of a crisis. NPR

Not all hardship though. A few wealthy Oklahomians became a shit load more wealthy as a result of the lowered taxes.

In 2010, Sam Brownback became Governor of Kansas. The Tea Party invested a lot in Brownback. Remember, the only concern of the Tea Party is to lower taxes. I love watching those stupid tea Party protesters dressed as colonial patriots fighting the British to lower our taxes. Do those morons realize they are protesting so that our firemen and teachers and hospitals get less money? Do these morons realize that the patriotic “Tea Party” was actually formed by big oil and big tobacco companies, along with the help of the billionaire Koch brothers? HuffingtonPost

With Brownback, the Tea Party wanted to show to the world how terrible taxes are. Lucky for the Tea Party, Kansas had some of the nation’s toughest voting requirements. As a result, many minorities were unable to cast their votes.

I guess Kansas politicians were all blinded by greed. In 2012, under Brownback’s tax policy, the wealthiest in Kansas paid 3.6%. The less affluent had to pay 11.6%. Just like Trump tossed around these seemingly beautiful numbers while he was pushing his tax plan, Brownback assured Kansas that his tax plan would generate $323 million in new local revenue by 2018. After just the very first year of this experiment, Kansas was $688 million in the red! PoliticalHaze

Kansas’ rock bottom tax policy had a lot of similar repercussions as Oklahoma’s rock bottom tax policy did. In Kansas, thousands of people with disabilities were kicked off Medicaid. Many school systems were forced to shorten their weeks and have much longer summers. Many people died as a result of the cuts to health services.

Get ready for a long and strange trip, America. By enacting the same policies that ravaged Oklahoma and Kansas, America is certainly headed down the wrong path.