Turns out that Trump’s experiment of handing out important government positions to his family members was a failure. Trump’s attempt to restore nepotism to the thresholds of government, as was done in the Middle Ages, did not work out. Putting Jared and Ivanka in charge of so many things at the White House was an epic failure. They couldn’t even mow the lawn, let alone create a peace plan in the Middle East, or fix the opioid epidemic. When Trump was elected, no one seemed to care very much that he was putting his family in positions that require a lifetime of experience. I’m sure Jared Kushner is a very smart guy, but when Trump assigned the four biggest problems in the world to him, failure was inevitable.

More than just Jared and Ivanka, Trump packed the White House, and ambassadorships and important nominated positions with his family members. In fact, almost every single position appointed by the president, went to family members.

He hired Kyle Yanuska, Eric Trump’s brother in law, to head an Energy Department Office. Kyle is very qualified. Check out his Linkedin resume.

Kyle has had a dynamic professional background which includes general management, market research, freelance writing, construction, sales, and successful entrepreneurial ventures.”

Eric Trump’s wife, Lara, even got a phat position. In fact, as you read these words, Lara Trump is sitting somewhere sculpting legislation that will affect you and your kid’s lives. Check out her resume. But be prepared to get massively depressed. How this unqualified 90210 spoiled brat is making choices that will affect our lives is disgusting! Just to think of the millions of other sperm that could have beaten Lara to conception. That was the only job requirement!

Every experiment can only be evaluated after time. Looking back on the first year of Trump’s presidency, we can all agree that Trump’s nepotism experiment was a failure.