‘America first’ was a clever campaign slogan. It implies when making a hiring decision, the American should be hired first. Who could argue with that? Apparently, our president wants us to do what he says, but not what he does. Trump was elected president because of his connection with the American working man. The factory owners were no problem. Trump had them in his pocket. Trump’s challenge was getting the votes of those factory workers. This seemingly impossible feat was accomplished by feeding them lies.

Many of these factory workers were unemployed. When Trump spoon-fed all of them lies, about how he was going to get their jobs back, those workers were captivated. If you are desperate enough, lies could be comforting. Trump promised unemployed coal miners that he was going to get their jobs back. In order for Trump to achieve this, he would literally have to revolutionize our manufacturing industry. He would have to force companies to use coal, which is costlier than natural gas and more harmful to the environment.

His stupid Mexico wall idea is to prevent foreigners from coming into the country and stealing our jobs. Basically his entire presidency was predicated on him making US companies hire Americans first over foreigners.

However, a Vox inspection of hiring records at three Trump properties reveal something really astonishing. Out of 144 jobs that were posted, Trump hired 143 foreign Visas. The real kick in the ass is that this hiring process took place 2016 to the end of 2017. So while Trump was in front of a camera demanding that we hire Americans, he was actually hiring foreigners for his own profit.

But according to Trump,  he has no choice but to hire foreigners. According to Trump, all those dirty jobs at his posh resorts are way below an American’s pride.

Should I tell you about it? Mar-a-Lago’s a very successful club in Palm Beach, Florida, the Mar-a-Lago Club. And during the season, it’s very, very hard to get employees,” he said.

Trump is also failing to mention that salaries for foreigners is significantly less than hiring America first. He is making a killing by only hiring foreigners.