Let’s face it America, Trump will never see the inside of a jail cell. I’m sure such a sentence dashes all of my reader’s dreams against the rocks. For me at least, while I watch our president trample across the bedrocks of our justice system, I would like to think that some day he will pay for his crimes, and share a bunk bed with Bubba.

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The crimes committed are epic! Never before has anyone stolen our democratic election and than made a mockery of our country in the eyes of the world. Not only a mockery, but Trump has befriended our nation’s enemies while destroying all of our peace treaties. If Putin told him to become president and then destroy our country, Trump has succeeded. With lies and deceit, Trump stole the highest office in the land, and then used his power to steal from Americans and destroy our institutions.

How Trump is Ending the American Era

Has there ever been a crime more terrible than destroying our country? Trump’s crimes make the Son of Sam and Jeffrey Dahmer look like girl scouts. But the real kick in the ass is that, most likely, Trump will never see the inside of a jail.

Like me, I’m sure you often imagine Trump in prison. In hectic times like these, few images, aside from that one, puts a smile on my face. I like to imagine that I’m driving past a group of inmates digging ditches on the side of the road, and I spot him, orange skin and golden hair and all.

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For that to happen though, do you understand how many situations must unfold exactly to our favor? First, Mueller has to reveal irrefutable evidence. Just a few days ago, according to Politico, the number of Americans behind Mueller is at an all time low.

Second, even if Mueller has a number of smoking guns against Trump, congress needs a majority to vote for impeachment. According to the constitution, a majority of congress can impeach (218), and then two thirds are needed to convict (67).

Hence, even if Mueller’s report proves Trump killed Kennedy, without a majority in congress Trump won’t get impeached and certainly won’t go to jail.

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While researching this article, I just learned that the Constitution clearly states, the only way to impeach the president is through congress and to convict him through the senate. I took a sigh of relief when I discovered that the Supreme Court can’t preside over such cases. Considering how conservative the Supreme Court is, if that was the case, Trump’s clemency would always be right around the corner.

Still, the president can not be criminally charged for anything he does in office. Even if he was charged and convicted, he would still be our president until he resigned or was impeached. To make matters even more complicated, remember that the president has immunity for any acts committed as our President.

It is an incredibly thorny situation. But orange Trump in an orange suit is possible. Mueller’s investigation is the first bridge we must cross. Let’s pray every night, that Mueller’s report is indisputable. Even if we don’t have a majority in congress, if Trump’s crimes are that deplorable, many republicans would have to vote for impeachment or risk being voted out.