Last weekend, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, was accosted by irate protesters when she went to see the Mr. Rogers movie. That is not much of a story. Every other day republican politicians get mobbed in public. To watch these elected officials trample over our liberties has instilled an unusual amount of rage into us. On Fox & Friends yesterday morning, much to the joy of the conservative viewer she said, “I’m not going to be bullied by them.” I can hear every shit kicker this side of the Mason Dixon line, squealing with delight after hearing her response. Yahoo

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Quite frankly, that is the key to every conservative’s heart. It doesn’t matter what policies you enact, or laws you break, the angrier you make democrats, the brighter your republican star will shine.

Donald Trump rose to power with this plan. It really is brilliant. Though, it requires a voting block with the IQ of an avocado. When Trump does something outrageously horrendous, that would end the career of any other politician, it just makes him more popular with his base. They don’t see Trump committing wrong, they see the need to defend him against democrats. When he rapped women and when he stole tuition money from little children, they defended him. The religious right actually defended this heathen!

I wrote this article about AG Pam Bondi a while ago. It is disgusting to see how prevalent the fraud is in Trump’s administration. Trump University is a great allegory for republicans. The fact that while Donald Trump is running for president, he is being sued in this massive class action, in which he hustled little children out of tuition money, is terrifying. Even more disturbing, is his victory. They didn’t care.

Proof that you could nominate the most inexperienced buffoon as a republican candidate, regardless of the crimes they were convicted of, and republicans will blindly vote for him. Fools. 

Attorney generals across the country, received the Trump University legal complaint. Pam Bondi was reviewing the complaint when she had this mind numbing revelation. She picked up the phone and called Donald Trump.

While she was mulling over this decision, Pam Bondi defied all political ethics by asking Trump for a donation. As soon as her office received Trump’s $25,000 donation, she decided to thumb her nose at her constituents who were defrauded by Trump, and not to press charges against him! Pam Bondi article

Drain the swamps, my ass.