Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz suggested that Speaker Paul Ryan needs to be removed after Ryan shattered President Trump’s allegations that the FBI planted a spy in his campaign. Paul Ryan simply illustrated that there is no proof to back Trump’s allegations. Paul Ryan also was critical of Trump’s assertion that he could pardon himself. CNN

Speaker Ryan is not alone in dismissing Trump’s Romper Room accusations. Several prominent republicans have come out in favor of the FBI. South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy defended the FBI’s investigation into Trump.

“Chairman Gowdy’s initial assessment is accurate, but we have more digging to do,” Speaker Ryan said. The Hill

To dismiss Ryan’s call for an investigation as anything but proper, says a lot about Trump supporters. Undoubtedly, Gaetz’ call for Ryan’s removal scores him some points in Trump’s loyalty book. However, let us take a closer look at Gaetz.

I have written several articles about this guy, because he so beautifully represents the glaring hypocrisy of republicans. Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz isn’t just a republican, he is a Tea Party favorite. He is a shining star in conservative circles. He called for Mueller’s removal, he called for Sessions to get more involved. One of Gaetz’ aides wrote a bill based on a conspiracy theory about white nationalism. Plus, he is trying to kill the EPA. OrlandoWeekly

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz has actually appeared on Fox several times, warning America of the FBI “secret society”.

You can’t get more conservatively ridiculous than this guy. But, he also has a shit load of skeletons in his closet.

He has so many, in fact, it is hard to list them all. First, when he was a student at Florida State University, his roommate was discovered dead. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement initially thought they were dealing with a homicide. Then, Gaetz was hit with a plethora of DUIs.

Lucky for him though, his roomate’s murder investigation and his DUIs were all mysteriously thrown out, because of his family’ political power. His father held his senate seat previously, and his grandfather was the Mayor of Rugby, North Dakota.

According to the  IntrepidReport, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz was involved in a homosexual relationship with a pastor from a mega-church in Fort Walton, Florida.

Gaetz is not alone. Many republicans who are forced to convey an image of perfection, are easily tempted by the forbidden fruits. Look at former Idaho senator Larry Craig. Republicans loved this guy because he was  a huge gay legislation opponent. One day, he gets arrested in a public bathroom trying to take home a male undercover cop.

Gaetz’ harsh condemnation of Speaker Paul Ryan typifies the problem with Trump’s Republican party. I don’t like any republican. They make me nauseous. Not like I respect Paul Ryan, but I respect him more than most republicans. Ironically, he is the one that Trump’s supporters are trying to ostracize. That should tell you something about Trump’s political future.

You’d think the religious right would abhor a sinner like Gaetz. Instead, they throw rose petals at him.