Trump’s welfare policy is undeniable proof that this man has no heart. Not everyone is as lucky as Ivanka Trump. Ivanka Trump made millions of dollars last year because of who her father is. That is it. If you switched Ivanka out of her crib at birth, I’m sure she would be selling spicy hot dogs on the street corner. She isn’t blessed with any gifts that warrant a salary in the tens of millions of dollars! In fact, her factories in third world countries are considered the worst violators of labor laws, according to an advocacy group in China. She is as ruthless and cutthroat as her dad. Satan’s child. Still she reels in millions of dollars a year!

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Sadly, not every one has it so easy. It is these unfortunate people who might be down on their luck, or crippled with an illness, or unable to find work, who Trump wants to take from. In fact, food stamps, housing and healthcare were all drastically slashed in Trump’s budget. According to the DenverPost, Trump’s budget proposal slashed food stamps to 22% of what it paid last year.

Destroying those safety net programs that provide food and shelter to so many of those less fortunate people is a victory for Trump. Ever since Reagan, a republican rallying cry has been to quit handing out all of those freebies.

Check out this article I wrote,

Trump Pushes to Get Rid of Energy Assistance for the Poor, Millions will Freeze to Death


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Republican politicians convince their supporters that welfare recipients are lazy snakes. According to them, the government makes it more profitable to sit home and collect welfare than working a minimum wage job. Why would you work at McDonalds, if you could make ore by collecting welfare? Armed with this fallacy, republicans claim these welfare recipients are stealing from their voters. As a result of this lie, their voters become angry, and envision their conservative politician as the good guy trying to help them.

There is no denying that republicans spread lies about food stamps in an attempt to demonize the recipients. According to an article entitled The Truth About Food Stamps, nearly one in seven people in America use food stamps. Republican politicians will often enrage their supporters with stories about food stamp recipients, usually they are portrayed as minorities, that dine on steak and lobster. In reality, the federal government gives an individual an average of $4 a day for their food stamp allotment.

The most shocking misconception about food stamps, is who uses it. Despite the fact that republican sole battle cry is the admonishment of food stamps, red states are the ones using it and blue states are the ones paying for it. Check out this awesome graph from Qura.

Essentially, conservative politicians demonize welfare recipients to welfare recipients. These morons actually vote AGAINST food for their starving family.

These safety nets are there to protect us when we fall. Years ago, there was this guy was going to school, when his dad died. He saved up the Social Security money that he received, and paid off law school with it. His name is Paul Ryan. His number one goal while he was in Congress, was to completely destroy our safety net programs. Ex-N.J. congressman: Paul Ryan wants to destroy America’s social safety net, not just Obamacare

Here is another article I wrote. Mark Callahan was an Oregon Tea Party favorite. He gavbe speech after speech about the sins of welfare and how food stamps is stealing from the government.

Court documents show that the Tea Party Republican and his wife received food stamps in 2014 during or after a campaign for U.S. Senate.

According to The Register-Guard, Callahan donated $9,090 of his own money into the campaign, making him the largest contributor. He also loaned $6,500 to his election effort. RawStory article

Yup. While this hypocritical scum bag was riling up his Tea Party voters about the sins of welfare, he was accepting welfare checks!

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One by one, Trump is destroying every American’s life. Immigrants are now being carted off to concentration camps, food and healthcare is being snatched away from the less affluent, and the millennials will be forced to burden the massive amount of tax giveaways to Trump and family. Ironically, the only demographic that is finding Trump’s presidency profitable, is Trump!