When Trump rolled into office, his daughter Ivanka, tried to assume the role of woman crusader. Kind of a cool job for a ditzy first daughter. She got to dress up and pretend she was really important. She got to stand in front of all those politicians and flashing cameras and boast about her achievements. I’m sure daddy tousled her hair with pride. But after listening to her achievements, the audience realized that she hasn’t done a thing. She tried to expand the child tax credit, but couldn’t. She made paid parental leave a priority, for about six hours, but that failed as well. You can’t say she didn’t try. Right?

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Ivanka discovered the most effective way to maintain this crusader facade was to be silent, cause every time she opened that face-lifted mouth, she revealed more of who she really is – a spoiled brat, with severe daddy issues.

Despite the crusader mask she likes to wear during play-time, whenever a tiny profit is at risk, she’ll trample over any woman or child in the way. Trying to help impoverished women and children (as Hillary Clinton devoted her life to), might look really swell, but if it means one less nickle, then throw ’em to the curb! I guess that spark of evil runs in the family. After all, she would rather pay the people making the items in her fashion line next to nothing, instead of hiring Americans.

Remember Trump’s campaign promise to penalize manufacturers who have their goods made overseas? Guess his family is exempt from such patriotic endeavors.

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Ivanka is not for every woman, just women from Europe and America. The women working on her assembly lines in her Chinese factories were treated like slaves. According to a USA Today article, Ivanka’s factories in China were the single worst labor violators of similar factories. All of the women had to work until 1:30 in the morning. Ivanka also paid her workers about one dollar an hour, far below Chinese labor laws, USAToday.

Ivanka Trump is in a position that many young women would dream to be. With the largest podium in the world, she could change the world for the better with a snap of her finger. Instead, she devotes her time to finagling illegal trademarks in China. Imagine if Ivanka made a huge protest. What a powerful statement that would have been! Instead, she remains silent. When her father ended the Obama era rule on gender gap wage data collection, she remained silent. After every school shooting child massacre, the crusader for children oddly remains silent. Now, as immigration officers are tearing babies from their mothers and stuffing them in tiny cages, she remains silent.

In an almost comically absurd reaction, President Trump claims that his daughter begged him to end the Justice Department’s “zero-tolerance policy”, that results in children being torn from their parents, according to lawmakers who were at a meeting with the president, HuffingtonPost.

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I call this comical because the reaction is such a typical Trump PR move. Ivanka isn’t publicly expressing her opposition to Trump’s separation law, like even Melania has done. Instead, her father is voicing Ivanka’s disagreement with his policy. Isn’t that weird? Trump just said his daughter doesn’t like his policy to preserve his supporter’s loyalty and to set himself up. When Trump overturns the law, his loyal supporters won’t blame him, but his family. His toothless supporters will chant, ‘Trump wanted to keep them Hispanics out of the country, but he caved in to his sobbing daughter’. In the end, Trump will get rid of a law that has his supporters dancing with glee, but they won’t blame him for it. What beautiful manipulation!