We can now add a pimp to the deplorable list of politicians that represent the republican voter. Superstar pimp, Dennis Hof, won the republican primary for the State legislature. Republican voters were so enamored with this pimp, that Dennis Hof beat a three-term politician. Of course, the voters excited about allowing a pimp to make life choices for their children, were also the same voters proud that Donald Trump is our president.

If you think Dennis Hof has skeletons in his closet, look at our president! When republicans cast their vote for Donald Trump, he was the defendant in TWO different class action suits. One for sexually molesting countless women and another for defrauding little children out of a college education. Such deplorable crimes didn’t even phase these people, who claim to be members of the religious right.

Pimp Daddy Hof is like the Salvation Army compared to Donald Trump!

In defense of Nevada republicans, if you are going to elect a pimp, there is none more famous than Dennis Hof. The guy owns half a dozen legal brothels in Nevada. He was also the star of the HBO reality series “Cathouse”. On the night of his victory, he was celebrating with famed Madam Heidi Fleiss. Yahoo

Upon reading that a pimp won an election, the first question that popped into my head was how did he win. How could a pimp, possibly the most vile position, appeal to the religious right? I checked out his campaign page. I should have known I would not read a cut and dry list of election promises. Turns out, this famed pimp’s campaign check off list, was identical to every other republicans’.

He wants lower taxes.

Image result for greedy republicans lower taxes

After that, was a barrage of criticism against his opponent. Lower taxes was the only thing he cared about, as does every other republican politician. The only reason they run, is to save themselves and their wealthy buddies’ money. Look at the president, as he cripples your daughter’s public education system, obliterates PBS, and screws your parents out of their retirement funds. Despite this pillage, a third of the country is on the street dancing cause the president saved them $23 in taxes. LOL!

These are the voters deciding our children’s world. God help us.

With a convicted pedophile as catcher, an outfield of all sex offenders, a pitcher that used to be a member of the KKK, second base just got out of prison, and short stop is a pimp, the republican party is the dream team of felons. No where else would you find as many deplorable criminals. Sadly, these are the people running our country.

There is a reason that Donald Trump ran as a republican. After all, his entire family were democrats during his presidential campaign. Donald Trump was a democrat for most of his life. He ran as a republican because democrats are more educated and are harder to fool. This is why they vote for criminals and pedophiles. Disgusting.