Once upon a time, 47 year old Rep. Ed Henry, R-Hartselle, was a bastion of conservative ideology. He made a name for himself rooting out corruption from Alabama government. A week ago, he was indicted in a conspiracy scheme to defraud Medicare. Employees at this chronic care management company that he founded, would prescribe unlimited amounts of drugs to people, and then overbill insurance companies. MontgomeryAdvertiser

Already, there have been nine guilty pleas in this case.

I’m sure everyone reading this article knows at least one person who has a problem with pain medication. This is how that person got addicted. Pill mills, like the one republican Ed Henry established, made insane amounts of money by prescribing patient’s addictive drugs that they didn’t even need. Ed Henry took it a step further and was also overbilling insurance companies.

How many lives have been ruined because of this republican politician’s greed?

Among the kickbacks provided were direct payments to a member of the staff, free chronic care management services, free medical billing services, and free clinical services unrelated to the provision of chronic care management services,” a DOJ release states. “Additionally, Henry assisted Dr. Sanchez in paying kickbacks to patients who enrolled in the chronic care management program. Dr. Sanchez paid these kickbacks by systematically waiving copays — copays which Medicare required Dr. Sanchez to collect.

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In 2017, Ed Henry grabbed headlines when he defended his fellow Alabama republican Roy Moore, by suggesting that his accusers be criminally prosecuted for waiting so long to come forward with their allegations. Newsweek

These people can not be any more repulsive.

Rep. Ed Henry used to be the darling in every Alabama conservative’s eyes. He was an Air Force veteran who was first elected to the Alabama State House in 2010. But he knew how to play his republican voters. That really isn’t saying much, but everything he did, even if it wasn’t a conservative virtue, was applauded by his supporters.

For example, in 2012 he told an anti-abortion rally in Montgomery, that in 1991 his pregnant girlfriend had an abortion.

“I made a decision that I will always regret. I murdered my child, my first child,” Henry told the crowd.

And then he served as the state co-chair in Donald Trump’s election. For months he would call her “lying Hillary” and that Bill was “likely a rapist”. The more outlandish his tweets were, the more his supporters adored him.

In 2017, Henry tried to oust Republican Governor Robert Bentley. He wound up resigning. Ironically, Rep. Ed Henry became the no-nonsense Alabama politician, rooting out corruption.

Check out the title to his Twitter page.

Trying to hold politicians accountable and make them answer to the people with zero regard for my own political life. AL

And now he grabs a  number, in the long and disgusting line of wholesome republicans who turn out to be dirtier than the ground they were carted off on.

Damn these people.