Republicans are always griping about Mueller’s investigation. The beginning of this month, it was revealed that Mueller’s investigation has cost the US taxpayer $17 million, RT. Republicans were furious. Despite the fact that this investigation could unveil the greatest crime ever committed against our country, republicans are trying to squash it. Republican hypocrisy is in full force here. While they bitch about the cost of possibly the most important investigation in US history, it is only a fraction of what me and you have to pay for Trump’s clan to vacation at his resorts.

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According to a Government Accountability Office report, a trip to Mar-a-Lago costs me and you $3.6 million. It is difficult to ascertain the actual amount. Try finding it on the internet. A widely used estimate on Trump’s vacations are about $3 million. So far Trump has been to Mar-a-Lago seventeen times.

Trump and his republican minions could not stop attacking Obama for his travels. The conservative group Judicial Watch, raised some eyebrows, when they accused Obama’s travel expenses of totaling more than $96 million PBS.  The group’s president accused Obama’s vacation gluttony of being a  “notorious abuse of presidential travel perks”.

The difference between Obama’s vacations and Trumps’ is that, Obama didn’t profit on his vacation. Trump plans all of his vacations, and all dignitary visits, to be at his own resorts. He jacks up his prices, so that me and you pay exorbitant rates.

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Meanwhile, Mueller’s investigation, attempts to unravel the greatest crime ever committed against our country. Republicans scream about how much its costing US taxpayers, although according to the figures it is but a fraction of what we pay Trump for his lavish travels.

What a racket!

Trump’s lawyer, Rudolph Guiliani predicts the investigation should end before the mid-term elections. He told the New York Times that Comey’s decision to reopen the Hillary Clinton email investigation days before the polls opened in the US presidential election turned out to be a disaster.