Trump and the republican party are on a sinking ship. Not to pat myself on the back or nothing, but I predicted this grotesque swan song years ago. From the day Trump rode down that escalator, and every shit kicker this side of the Mississippi fell in love with him, I knew the republican party was dead. Just look at the titles of some of my previous articles.

If Only a Democrat Could Destroy the Republican Party as Splendidly as Trump Does

Donald Trump Fiddles While the Republican Party Burns

The fact that the republican party would nominate a guy like Trump, the antithesis of the typical used car salesman republican politician, proved how dead the party was. Politicians like Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney had failed them. They were pretty boring as well. The republican voter had been lied to time and time again. Republican politicians care about their wealthy friend’s pockets – that is it. This blatant hypocrisy only becomes apparent once the politician is elected. Hence, they thought Trump was the change they needed.

Trump has a sweet deal. His base likes him more the more angry he gets the left. Think about that. When Trump does something wrong, his approval with his base goes up. Either he signs a huge government contract to a family member or he silences a prostitute or he shrugs off sexual assault charges. When Trump does something that would get any other president impeached, the media reports on it and the left express shock. As a result, Trump assures his base that everyone except them is out to get them.

Trump could only achieve this with uneducated voters. In fact, most republican policies will only be accepted by either the insanely wealthy or the doltishly uninformed. Take Obamacare for example, republicans actually get on the street and picket the destruction of healthcare for their children. Obamacare put a hefty tax burden on the wealthy to support insurance for the masses. The majority of poor uneducated people are in red states. Amazingly, these are the states to refuse Obamacare!!???

Check out this excerpt from a Vox article.

The pollsters dug into more specific consequences of repeal, too. Among Republicans, only 47 percent knew that the Medicaid expansion and insurance subsidies would be rolled back — 29 percent said Medicaid and the subsidies would be unaffected, and another 24 percent weren’t sure. So fully 53 percent don’t know or don’t believe that repealing Obamacare would repeal its coverage expansion, too.

All of his campaign tricks are fueled by anger. Without hatred and fury, Trump would be tap dancing on the set of The Apprentice right now. He doesn’t suggest how to improve our lives instead, Trump tells us who we should hate. Trump is talking the language of his uneducated minions. All they know is hatred. Whether it be the left, Muslims, Hispanics or high school students trying to rid their schools of guns, Trump places targets on their backs. A pack of rabid wolves can attack a sick deer. The most primitive instinct in a species is to attack.

What’ll happen when Trump is finally yanked off stage? I don’t know what that finale will look like, but I know it won’t be pretty for the Trump family. It also won’t be pretty for the Republican party.