Trump has really based his entire presidency on defiling illegal immigrants. It is a win win situation for him. The more he denounces Hispanic immigrants the more his base adore him. Trump learned this lesson by studying Hitler. Hitler rose to power on the coattails of spreading hatred against minorities. Therefore, his in-laws are a real head-scratcher. According to several news articles, Melania’s mother and father, who are from Solvenia, now are US citizens, bouncing from the penthouse at Trump Tower to the White House to Mar-a-lago country club.

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What is even more puzzling, is Trump’s recently broadcasted opinion on immigrants. Trump says that he only wants immigrants who will help our country, citing MS-13 gang members don’t help us so much. I can’t argue with that. Nor will history. America is the greatest country in the world, because we are a melting pot of immigrants. Immigrants have not improved America rather, immigrants are America.

Melania’s mother and father have recently become permanent residents of America, and will be attaining their citizenship very shortly. Her father, Viktor Knav was a car salesman and a chauffeur in Solvenia. Her mother, worked at a textile factory. More interestingly, her father was a registered member of the elite League of Communists for most of his life, PoliticalHaze. We can only imagine what benefits these communists will bring to our country.

Melania first came to America in 1996, first on a visitor’s visa and then a work permit. In 2000, Trump sponsored Melania for a green card based on her “extraordinary ability”.

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Here is how a visa website defines the “extraordinary ability”:

Extraordinary Ability Green Card – EB-1A

An individual may qualify for a green card if his/her extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics has been demonstrated by:

1) Sustained national or international acclaim as evidenced through extensive documentation;

2) The individual seeks to enter the United States to continue work in the area of extraordinary ability; and

3) His/her entry will substantially benefit prospectively the United States.

Melania gained her green card because her “extraordinary ability” was modeling. Seriously.

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Think of the thousands of immigrant who brave through hundreds of miles of jungle and sea just for a taste of our liberty, and Trump kicks them all back. But Melania’s father is handed US citizenship. As a result, this registered communist gets to wine and dine in Trump Tower. And if he gets too drunk and slips, and goes to a hospital, me and you get to pay for his care. Strange days indeed!