Most of America did not know what to make of Trump’s choice for our nation’s drug czar. The position responsible for combating the drug crisis, arguably the biggest problem facing our nation, given to a 24  year old punk with no experience in government. Taylor Weyenth was handed the top job in the drug policy office. He was superior to senior lawyers who had been working in the agency for decades.

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Taylor Weyenth was shocked when he was handed the drug czar position. The previous week he was mowing people’s yard, after his new salary, he was earning more than $100,000. The backlash however, was quite severe. Almost as quickly as he was given his new job, it was snatched away. According to the Washington Post, now he is doing outdoor labor for a contractor at an intelligence agency.

Although it is frightening to think that this kid was given one of the most important jobs in the country, many of Trump’s appointments are equally petrifying. For example, Trump appointed his nanny, Lynne Patton, to head Region II of the New York and New Jersey office of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. That appointment isn’t so unbelievable, once you acknowledge that some of our president’s most profitable real estate is in that region.

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Eric Trump’s wife is head of his re-election team. Her brother, Kyle Yunaska, was named Chief of Staff of the Office of Energy Policy and Systems Analysis. Don’t you feel better with this kid sculpting energy policy to affect climate change? According to his Linkedin profile, he knows absolutely NOTHING about the department he heads.

Kyle has had a dynamic professional background which includes general management, market research, freelance writing, construction, sales, and successful entrepreneurial ventures,” it reads.

Trump’s initial fan base was found in the rural and uneducated areas of America. Drug addiction is rampant in those parts. At his rallies, Trump promised his supporters that ending the drug crisis would be his top priority. Just another lie he enchanted his base with.

During his campaign, Mr Trump called drug addiction a “tremendous problem” and told supporters: “It’s very hard to get out of the addiction of heroin. We’re going to work with them, we’re going to spend the money, we’re going to get that habit broken,” Business Insider reported.

The drug crisis was such a “tremendous problem”, Trump appointed some little punk with no experience to be the nation’s drug czar. Apparently, Trump was so determined to keep his word to his supporters and fight the drug crisis that his budget slashed the drug policy office by a whopping 95% Politico!

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Trump isn’t just choosing bad candidates to fill these top positions. Instead, he is choosing the worst candidates. It is as if he picked the worst candidates possible. Why else would you chose people to head large government agencies who had devoted their lives to destroying that agency? Maybe he got the idea from Putin. After all, I can’t think of a more efficient way to destroy our country. Check out this list of some of Trump’s appointments.

Agriculture Secretary – Sonny Perdue heads a global agribusiness empire. His loyalty is to big business. His first move as Agriculture Secretary was to remove health standards from public school meals. This is the person in charge of our nation’s agriculture!

Environmental Protection Agency – Scott Pruitt, climate denier who has worked closely with the fossil fuel industry his entire career. He has worked inside the coal industry.

Department of Education – Besty Devos has devoted her life to replacing our public school system with private charter schools.

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Agriculture Research in Department of Agriculture – Sam Clovis, never had a single scientific graduate class. Instead, he has a right-wing talk show, based on denying climate change.

Department of Health – Tom Price’s vision for health reform includes replacing federal government’s role with that of a free-market framework. He is going to allow states to dispense Medicaid spending.

Secretary of Energy – Rick Perry flunked chemistry. He didn’t even know what the agency does. Now, he is the head of it.

Department of Housing and Urban Development – Ben Carson has written op-eds about how our fair housing act is “failed socialism” and a “mandated social-engineering scheme”. Now, millions of people depend on him to have a roof over their heads! PoliticalHaze

Taylor Weyenth went from an unpaid intern to the nation’s drug czar to raking leaves across the White House lawn, all within a few months. In the Trump administration, however, this is not unusual. Trump can’t be that stupid. Apparently, there must be a reason why he is filling the nation’s most important positions with severely unqualified candidates. If Putin told him to destroy our country, his haphazard decisions must be making Putin very happy.