Muhammad Ali was mentioned a possible candidate for another Trump pardon. Muhammad Ali is a very divisive American icon. Not only is he considered possibly the greatest boxer, but he was a vocal activist, whose decision not to fight in Vietnam got him stripped of his heavyweight title.

Dice it any way you want, he is still an American icon. Hence, if you are uneducated and only watch Fox News, chances are, you’d probably be cheering Trump’s decision. If you have a three digit IQ however, Trump’s latest pardon suggestion might puzzle you.

I’m thinking about somebody that you all know very well, and he went through a lot, and he wasn’t very popular then … certainly his memory is popular now, I’m thinking about Muhammad Ali. I’m thinking about that very seriously. Chicago Tribune

For starters, a pardon implies that there is a bogus conviction that needs to be pardoned. In 1967, Muhammad Ali was convicted of draft evasion and sentenced to five years in jail. But then, in 1971, the Supreme Court overturned Ali’s conviction.

Ali’s lawyer, Ron Tweel, had no idea what this pardon was for.

We appreciate President Trump’s sentiment, but a pardon is unnecessary. The U.S. Supreme Court overturned the conviction of Muhammad Ali in a unanimous decision in 1971. There is no conviction from which a pardon is needed. Snopes

Imagine if Obama pardoned a black Muslim that was also a draft dodger! I’m sure plenty of republicans would be calling for impeachment.

Please read the Breitbart article regarding Trump’s suggestion to pardon Ali. It is hilarious to think people actually read this trash for news. In one paragraph, the author describes Trump thinking about pardoning Ali and then, in the same paragraph, it describes that Ali’s conviction had already been overruled. However, the article fails to explain why Trump is pardoning him. You’d think a reader might question this. But no where in the comment-section is Trump’s idea questioned.

Lastly, what has justified Trump’s complete 180 on Muslims? Muhammad Ali was one of the biggest Muslim personalities in the Western world. So, the fact that Trump would pardon him is a real head-scratcher. Not even three years ago, Trump suggested that he was open to surveillance of Muslim Americans. One of his hot campaign promises was to shut down Mosques across the country. How could the same people that applauded such Hitler-esque ideas also applaud the pardoning of the most famous Muslim in American history? Do his supporters still favor a ban on Muslims? Then it would make no sense that they favor Trump’s pardoning of Ali.

Muhammad Ali is often compared to Colin Kaepernick. He also considered Malcolm X his mentor. Anyone who agrees with Trump that there were good people on both sides of the Charlotesville violence, can’t actually agree on pardoning some guy who calls Malcolm X his mentor!

Trying to reason with these people is always frustrating. In the end, I have to accept the fact that they just don’t know any better. I’m sure KKK hate-group-fanatic Trump supporters would never question his decision – even if it is pardoning a draft dodging Muslim who has no crimes to be pardoned for.

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