Under our current president, something terrible has happened to our nation. Once upon a time, we took in the world’s weary and persecuted. Regardless of where you were, or how deplorable your life was, America was always that bright light at the end of that dark tunnel. America was more than a nation. America was hope to the rest of the planet.  No matter what the color of your skin, salvation greets all visitors to America.

Not so easy, just to discard that aspect of America. We can’t just turn our back to the rest of the world, and pretend like nothing else will change. We are still America, except certain groups are not welcome. Under Trump, America has rejected its identity. We are no longer a nation of hope, but rather one of persecution, where citizens can be ripped from their family and exiled, just because of the color of their skin or because their parents or grandparents snuck into our country.

I wrote this article, almost two years ago. It shows that Iranian Americans are the most educated in America. A bigger proportion of Iranians are doctors and scientists, than any other ethnicity. If they are so beneficial to our economy, why did Trump get elected by threatening to remove Iranians? Can’t be terrorism, because domestic terrorism, takes countless more lives than the few Iranian terrorists might have committed. Instead of America, these brilliant minds will now be forced to live in Canada or Germany. Trump blindly pointed his finger, and made America hate.

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If Trump’s tyranny has illustrated anything to me, it is a new historical perspective. I have always been amazed that less than one hundred years ago, Hitler was able to persuade his country to commit the horrific crimes against humanity that they did. If the Nazis existed in the Dark Ages or before that, their crimes would have been easier to comprehend. The fact that they almost controlled our world, when my grandparents were alive, is shocking.

Then I look out my window, and I see families of certain ethnicity being carted away. It is happening again, in my backyard!

I often think of my grandparents sailing across the ocean to America, more than 100 years ago. They must have been filled with so much hope and dreams. When the Statue of Liberty finally appeared, standing defiantly on the shore, their lives finally began. She offered freedom, liberty and justice. Three things many people in the world have never tasted.

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According to his ex wife, Donald Trump kept a book of Hitler speeches in his night table. He studied it, like a bible. Ironically, he has gained the world’s most powerful position by following Hitler’s instructions to a tee. When Hitler rose to power, Germany was divided. Not all Germans agreed with Hitler. The majority of Germans however, were uneducated and poor, eager to embrace Hitler’s vile ideas.

The drug addicted and unemployed are the easiest to manipulate because they are the most desperate. From day one, Trump went after this same group. He teamed up with Steve Bannon, who had corralled this population already. Literally, it was like taking candy from a baby.

Of course there are some differences between Hitler and Trump. After World War I, German territory was redued by 13%. Plus, the Germans were forced to accept full responsibility of starting the war, and had to pay back massive amounts of money. When the economy tanked in 1929, German banking system collapsed, Ushmm. In a world like this, it isn’t so hard to see a radical like Hitler convincing a desperate country to follow him.

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But, America wasn’t like that. We are still the number one economy in the world. Back in the thirties, if the German economy was as good as ours’, there would be no Nazis. What does that say about us today? After all of our education and technology, we could be manipulated by just another street hustler, looking to fatten his wallet. Trump’s power was fueled by hatred.

The scariest aspect, is that still, more than a third of our country is behind Donald Trump. As he tears families apart and locks them in detention facilities, my neighbors cheer him on. Even when Trump is gone, his hatred will endure.