Trump’s mission to spur a coal revival, is the essence of republican stupidity. As soon as he opened his orange face and proposed to bring back coal, I was flabbergasted. Not necessarily at Trump, rather I was astonished to see his supporters actually thought his campaign promises to bring back coal could become a reality.

I wrote tons of articles on the Trump coal revival. Just type the word ‘coal’ in the politicalhaze search box to see how many. Not only is it more expensive to abstract coal from the earth and then use it, but coal is significantly more harmful to our environment. This is why companies are taxed an exorbitant amount when using coal. Why would a company pay more money to use an energy source that is more damaging to their child’s world?

Republican and liberal think tanks alike are against Trump’s coal revival. In fact, Donald Trump is the only person who will benefit. His coal revival won’t go anywhere – guaranteed. Even Trump acknowledges that his mission is futile. However, when he is out of the White House, his rabid fan base can’t say that Trump didn’t try. I can hear his speech now, as he talks in some Virginia auditorium packed with unemployed former coal miners. He will tell them how hard he tried to get the coal mines open. As a result, those supporters will be with him forever. Granted, they won’t be golfing on his resorts, but Trump will find some monetary benefit they could provide. When he starts his TV station, I’m sure those unemployed coal miners will be the first ones to fork over the $29.95 yearly subscription fee.

Just earlier this month, Trump ordered Energy Secretary Rick Perry to stop the closing of unprofitable nuclear and coal power plants. One of the suggestions to achieve this, would be to have grid operators purchase their fuel through struggling nuclear and coal power plants. This move would be implemented with emergency authority. Such authority is only used in natural emergencies. Oil, gas, wind and solar companies fired back at Trump, and announced their condemnation, declaring such provisions “legally indefensible”, to force consumers to pay more money for electricty when they don’t have to, NYTimes.

Nothing is more important to Trump than his image. All of the articles I wrote about Trump’s coal revival, centered around how much faith these unemployed coal miners put in Trump. They bought his barnyard medicine. Since Trump has been president, 25 coal plants have shut down. Trump must project this facade, that he is not to blame for the closures.