Richard Spencer is a leader of the alt right. He gives speeches about banning immigrants from America. Ironically, a few days ago, when Spencer was traveling across Europe to give a speech, he was kicked out of the country. Turns out that all 26 European countries are officially banning him for five years. Inquisitir

Trump’s presidency has given the alt right, and just about every other hate group that focuses on the destruction of minorities, a huge stamp of approval. Normally, guys like Spencer would only be known in the KKK circuit. He might give a speech surrounded by burning crosses. But since our president started turning the hate group’s dreams of separatism a reality, they are on the big global stage now!

Trump’s campaign promises, like the wall and kicking out Hispanics and Muslims were literally taken from any hate group’s playbook. Hate and discrimination is everywhere now. Under Trump, any spokesperson for hate is suddenly very popular.

Hate sells. I’m sure that all of Spencer’s speaking engagements are making him a lot of money. All across the world, people who would have kept their support of hate mongers like Spencer to themselves, now scream it from the mountaintop. The Nordic branch of the Alt-Right movement, Christopher Dulny tweeted about Spencer’s banning,

Very sad news: Richard Spencer who would be our secret guest here at Almedalen has been stopped at a European airport and refused to travel. The global anarchist lives and thrives.” Newsweek

The fact that Richard Spencer was going to be a “secret guest” alludes to his immense celebratory status. When someone who advocates the extermination of races is so respected, we need to question our world.

In conclusion, hopefully Richard Spencer has learned something very vital to his quest of extermination. There is a difference between Trump’s banning of Muslims and Hispanics and Europe’s banning Richard Spencer, however. Muslims and Hispanics, as all nationalities, help build our country. Richard Spencer however, is only traveling overseas to collect money and to start trouble.

Check out this article I wrote a while ago,

According to MIT Research, Iranians most Highly Educated People in America….but our President Wants them Out

Richard Spencer is banned from going to Europe, not because of how he looks, but rather, how he thinks. Only weak people are intimidated by the color of someone’s skin or hair. A much more concerning attribute is if someone’s goal is to incite and rebel.

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