Gradually, the breadth of Putin’s election deception is being revealed. Thanks to Trump, Putin selected two of our Supreme Court justices. Republicans now are even acknowledging the crisis that our president put us in. As America watches our president literally reject every one of our intelligence agencies, and instead side with Russia, of all the treacherous countries in the world, Trump’s image is finally starting to spoil. Lady Liberty wept as our president defended the KGB over America. Disgusting!

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When all is said and done, and the trial is over and Trump gets wheeled off to Alcatraz, what will we be left with? Undoubtedly, our country will be as fractured as it was during the civil war. The (uneducated) third of the country, that believes Trump can walk on water, will defend him until they have no more bullets. Remember, to the poor and uneducated White Supremacist, Trump was the first president to acknowledge them. A third of the country had been ignored by US politics ever since the South lost. Suddenly, this orange messiah appeared.

When Trump is gone, not much of his legacy will remain. All the treaties he tore up, just because Obama was a part of them, will certainly be drawn back up by the next president. But the two Supreme Court justices that he chose will remain for a generation.

This is the craziest thing about his presidency. I’ve written articles about how republicans do not reflect our changing demographic anymore. We are not the Ozzie and Harriet country anymore. According to the Boston Globe, sometime in mid century, in just a couple of decades, the white person will become the minority. As different ethnicity stream into the country, and the old white republican dies, the country will become overwhelmingly democratic. However, thanks to Trump, and those that did not vote for Hillary, our justices of the highest court in the land will rule republican.

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A population ruled by a handful of people with starkly opposing views, is not a democracy.  Dictatorships are much better description of civilizations that are ruled by a few people with opposing views from the population they govern.

Granted, Putin maybe didn’t hand picked these justices. However, Putin was undoubtedly thrilled at Trump’s choice, merely because of the dissension they will paint across America for generations to come. Putin’s goal was to sow discord n American soil. Getting those two Supreme Court justices, is certainly the most efficient method in achieving this. For decades, as America becomes more liberal, the Supreme Court will remain in its ideological conservative shell.

As Mueller’s findings are gradually revealed, we are starting to discover how Putin achieved this. How do you trick a country into electing the least qualified candidate in American history over the most qualified candidate in history?

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It really wasn’t that hard. All it took was a couple psychology courses. Putin’s entire case rested on turning America against Hillary. Even to this day, go ask 100 people on a busy intersection what they think of Hillary. You’ll be shocked to see how many hate her passionately. Yes, this is the same woman who devoted her life to helping the less fortunate. That number will also illustrate how successful Putin’s campaign was.

I’ve written a ton of articles about Hillary. She spent her professional career legally helping impoverished women and children. Her charity, at one time, was rated the best in the world, in terms of the ratio of donated dollars that goes to intended cause, PoliticalHaze. Yet, massive amounts of people despise her, because of Putin’s campaign.

To all of those people that still have a picture of her at the center of their dart board, I ask you where are all of her trials.

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Because you’d be in jail,” retorted Trump, who had also just said that, if elected, he would instruct his attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was secretary of state. TheGuardian

The hatred against Hillary was so intense that there were EIGHT republican investigations into her wrong doings. All eight found that she did nothing wrong.

In order for Putin to win and get his Supreme Court justices in there, he had to do more than just fool the uneducated conservative bumpkin. Putin went after Bernie supporters. Putin spread news that Hillary stole the election from Bernie. That wasn’t true. However, it enraged Bernie supporters. Putin wanted to make sure that this hatred for Hillary would be so intense, that come Election Day, Bernie supporters would rather stay home than vote for Hillary.

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If you were a Bernie supporter, is that what you did on Election Day?

Trump is president and a democratic America will endure decades of a republican ruled Supreme Court, because Putin pulled the wool over a lots of people that didn’t vote for Hillary. I hope you weren’t one!