Just in the past few days, two separate GOP candidates appeared on white power podcasts. It took Trump just a few months, but the GOP is a completely different party. Trump has given a voice to a third of the country who are typically uneducated, poor, and have previously been ignored. Anger goes hand in hand with those characteristics. The only two outlets this third of the county has are drugs and white supremacy. One outlet blunts the acridity of their lives, and the other offers an explanation of why society has deserted them.

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Political candidates have always kept their distance from this enormous slice of our population. Trump though, had no choice. He could never become the nominee based on his political intuition. His campaign promises to export Hispanics and to build some science fiction wall, were laughable to us, but to his intended demographic, his visions were exemplary. Trump wanted to become president to make a lot of money. The easiest route to the White House was to manipulate the uneducated and desolate.

Sucks that we get screwed in the process.

Last Thursday, Russell Walker, the North Carolina primary winner of a republican statehouse election was interviewed on the white power Stormfront Action podcast. He praised Arthur Jones, the neo-Nazi candidate, who is also a proud republican and also just won a primary election. John Fitzgerald is another republican congressional candidate who recently appeared on two neo-Nazi podcasts.

These candidates are not running as independents, they are running as republicans and winning!

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Undoubtedly, Trump has unleashed this venom across our country. Trump showed that you could support hate groups and still win elections.  Trump expressed his sympathy for these hate groups, and refused to denounce their hate mongering.

Trump’s victory almost justified their hatred. These hate groups were no longer hiding in the shadows, they had the president’s stamp of approval! Sadly, Trump has emboldened more than these hate groups, American citizens now feel justified to carry out hate crimes.

Reported hate crimes with racial or ethnic bias jumped the day after President Trump won the 2016 election, from 10 to 27, according to an analysis of FBI hate crime statistics by The Washington Post. There were more reported hate crimes on Nov. 9 than any other day in 2016, and the daily number of such incidents exceeded the level on Election Day for the next 10 days. WashingtonPost

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Lawyers defending hate crimes have discovered that Trump’s incendiary language during the campaign makes an awesome defense. Jim Pratt, an attorney defending three militia members who were plotting to blow up an apartment complex of Somali immigrants in Kansas, implored the judge not to blame the men, but rather the heated presidential election. According to him, the media was constantly reminding America how Donald Trump wanted to kick out immigrants. Wtop

It is SO dangerous to encourage these hate groups. When Trump is gone, will they just go back under their rock? Unlikely.