The Donald J. Trump Foundation is finally going down. After decades of pocketing the benevolence of humanity, the Trump Foundation will finally pay the piper. The case is expected to go into a courtroom right before this fall’s midterms. On Tuesday, Judge Saliann Scarpulla advised the Trump family to settle out of court, considering the massive levels of fraud and guilt.

The President, Ivanka, Junior and Eric are being sued by New York Attorney General for using the charity to enrich the Trump family. The charges specify $2.8 million in donations went into Trump’s pockets. NewYorker

Considering the Trump Foundation case is not imposing any criminal charges, Judge Scarpulla has advised the family to just settle out of court and agree to the minimal Attorney General suggestions. One of which is to not serve on a non profit board for a year.

If Trump settles though, he will be admitting to the world that instead of feeding starved children and saving dolphins, your donations went to feeding Donald Trump. I bet you he winds up settling at the last minute.

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That is very disgusting. However, I reckon if you didn’t care that Trump sexually took advantage of countless women, or that he scammed millions of children out of college tuition, some flaky allegations about his charity won’t phase you.

Them true Trumpkins will undoubtedly holler something about the Clinton Foundation. To them, the Clinton Foundation is the epitome of corruption. When I get into an argument with one of them, as they wave their pitchforks with their bottle of moonshine dangling from their dirty fingertips, they just endlessly repeat their Clinton Foundation accusations.

According to Fox News and Donald Trump, the Clinton Foundation is rotten. Those are the only two sources worth anything, according to a third of the country. In reality, the Clinton Foundation was considered a very helpful and righteous charity. In 2016, CharityWatch gave the Clinton Foundation an A. Red Cross got an A-.

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Despite all the uproar about the Clinton Foundation, there have been no lawsuits. They once called her the biggest criminal in the country, and still, she hasn’t seen the inside of a courtroom. Oh yeah, don’t forget she spent her entire professional career helping women and children. She graduated from Yale and instead of getting a job at a top law firm, took a job with the Children’s Defense Fund, HuffPost.

I only mentioned the Clinton Foundation, because it is interesting to juxtapose it against the Trump Foundation. One of these foundations used to perform life saving supplies to the world’s impoverished. Food to starving children. Medicine to sick and dying people. The other foundation was so blatant in their corruption and deceit.

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As a result of those Hillary Haters, be it Trump or Bernie supporters, the Clinton Foundation is all but over. Those people who once relied on the Clinton Foundation for food and medicine will just starve and suffer. Yet, they were cool with the Trump Foundation!! Disgusting! I couldn’t live with myself.