Look out the window. If you look closely, you can see our country slipping away. Putin could never have dreamt of his election meddling to work so magnificently. Now, we have American hate groups actually allying with Russia to overtake America. League of the South, a popular southern hate group, posted on their website the other day that the South and Russia are “two natural allies”. Newsweek

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Check out the letter, or peace treaty, if you want to call it that, cause that is what it really is. It is the League of the South, allying itself with Russia. Their mission is to defeat “forces that would like to pit us against one another.” The letter seeks to remind Russians that they are very similar to American white supremacists. The letter illustrates that both southerners and Russians are alike in “blood, culture, and religion.” After all, the writer of the letter claims that his fellow southern shit kickers were from northern Europe, just around the bend from the Kremlin.

The letter claims that Russians and your local trailer park assembly are from “the same general gene pool.” In the eyes of hate groups, coming from the same gene pool has to be the sweetest of all compliments! In a way, the League of South letter to the Russians is nothing more than an endearing token of camaraderie.

A firm and resolute understanding and commitment to cooperation between the Russian people and the people of the South could indeed be the foundation for a better world in which our peoples thrive and prosper far into the future. But should we fail to take advantage of the climate of increasing trust and friendship between us, there are forces that would like to pit us against one another, ever as far as open war. We must oppose those forces with a combined will and commitment to peace and cooperation between our two peoples. Together, we can assure that the world for our posterity is a bright and secure one. Let us start on that journey of mutual cooperation today.

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The letter proposes to begin teaching the Russian language on its website. The League of the South implies that setting up a Russian language page on their website is the first step towards this treaty. The letter was written shortly after the Helsinki meeting, where Trumped sided with Russia over our own intelligence agencies. Thus, not only does our president pledge allegiance to Russia, but these hate groups are adding pages to their websites to help teach Russian to eager Americans.

The Alabama based group has chapters in 16 states. The mission of the League of the South is to preserve Christian and white culture. Ironically, this is also the mission of our president. As soon as he rode down that historic escalator, and mimicked Adolf Hitler’s legislation by banning minorities from entering our country, hate groups, like the League of the South, found a  new false idol.

As soon as he was elected, Trump could have dropped his adoring white supremacist fans like a hot potato. After all, this economically desolate demographic serves no purpose to Trump. The only benefit I could imagine that would justify Trump’s endless coddling, would be Putin.

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Let’s speak hypothetically here. Imagine if Putin helped get Trump elected. Obviously, his main goal would be to sow discord across America. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Putin was the one to throw Trump under the bus. What could destroy America more, than having our democracy shattered? If the whole country was against Trump, his impeachment would transpire quickly and silently. However, with a third of the country convinced Trump can walk on water, they will fight to maintain his power.

America should not ignore this courtship going on behind the curtains. Our president’s biggest supporters are actually aligning with Russia, our country’s number one enemy, to defeat other Americans or, as the letter describes, “forces that would like to pit us against one another”. If Trump does get impeached, his loyal army would sooner die than see their idol be defamed. Storm clouds are raging all over America. A hard rain’s a gonna fall.