Donald Trump has hijacked the republican party. As a result, the disgusting talking points that defined him during the campaign, like kicking out Hispanics from our country and imprisoning our Middle Eastern population in concentration camps have become republican talking points. If you call yourself a republican, or especially if you are one of Trump staffers, you must emphatically defend these views.

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Level headed liberals, like me and you, laugh at these Trump staffers as they seriously try to defend Trump’s arguments. Next time you meet a republican, even better if it is a woman, ask them to defend punishing doctors that perform abortions or that high schools would be safer with all the teachers armed. Even Trump doesn’t believe in what he said. Trump just said those things to gain the devotion of the poor, white and uneducated. We might laugh at them, but those Trump staffers lead sad and lonely lives. No one likes them. No one wants to date them.

I used to see this girl. I saw her for years. The minute she told me she was supporting Trump was the last time I ever spoke to her.

According to a Politico article, Trump staffers find it near impossible to find a potential date in liberal Washington D.C. One 31 year old Trump staffer has resorted to dating apps. She has met several suitors. However, as soon as she reveals that she is a part of the Trump administration, the communication instantly morphs into a poignant tirade.

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Some responses she has gotten….


Do you rip babies from their mothers and then send them to Mexico?

Trump staffers are looking for love in all the wrong places. I’m sure if she ventured to Kentucky or Alabama, or maybe even just deep in some trailer park, she’d quickly find a stout beer belly she could cuddle up with.

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While I am writing this, I think about one night during the past election, I hung out with a friend who was a staunch conservative. Before we hit the bars, he pulled me aside and requested that I don’t tell any girls that he is republican. I am proud of my political beliefs. I am always willing to defend my views in an argument. What does it say about someone who is not eager to defend their views? It is almost as if they are republican, not because they adamantly agree with conservative ideology, rather, they are republican for different reasons. Maybe he feels compelled to defend his late father’s conservative ideology. In the same sense, these Trump staffers have to defend Trump’s beliefs because he is their new employer.

Thank God I’ve had a girlfriend of three years,” a former Trump aide humble-bragged, “because the last person I would want to be is a single Trump supporter dating in D.C. right now.”

All these young punks get lucrative positions in the White House. A natural reaction, is to use your important position to get some tail. What a bummer, when these Trump staffers have to leave that detail out of their profiles!

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When America’s youth encounters a problem, very quickly a solution pops up. Enter, with the slogan “Making Dating Great Again”. Of course, I checked out the site. Let’s see the gallery of Trumpkin women aged 20 to 40, within 50 miles of my zip code. 15 pictures appeared. I have to sign up to examine their profiles. Maybe I will go undercover and court some Trumpkin. I reckon that would make an awesome article!

Trump’s campaign as well his presidency is entirely based on hatred. Trump supporters voted for Trump, because he promised to penalize minorities. Hitler rose to fame on the exact same chariot. How do you go out in a liberal city, trying to pick up women while broadcasting these views? It ain’t happening. As minorities pour into our country and democratic views like same sex marriage and pot legalization become laws, America is becoming more liberal. Don’t expect to pick up anything but the tab while promoting “The Wall” or detaining Muslims.