Be scared America, as the Manchurian Candidate in the White House destroys America. We can no longer disagree that Putin meddled in our elections to get Trump elected. Also, every thing Trump does benefits Putin. As if Putin gave him a playbook that destroys America.

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The Senate Intelligence Committee yesterday, validated that Russia interfered in our elections with the intent of seeing Trump become president.

“The Committee has spent the last 16 months reviewing the sources, tradecraft and analytic work underpinning the Intelligence Community Assessment and sees no reason to dispute the conclusions,” said a statement from Sen. Richard M. Burr (R-N.C.), the panel’s chairman. LATimes

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Susan Rice, a national security adviser under Obama, wrote an opinion piece in the New York Times. In it, she imagines what advice Putin would give Trump, before Trump became president. Susan Rice is dealing with some big hypotheticals. When you think about them though, they are not so crazy. What advice would Putin give if his objective was to see America burn and Russia’s prominence restored? Putin’s advice to Trump destroys America.

First, Putin would want Trump to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Russia was always against the TPP. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said “the WTO is being encroached upon” and this might lead to the “destruction of world trade”. This tip benefits Russia.

Putin might also want Trump to get out of the Paris climate agreement. There is no good reason for Trump to back out of this agreement. After Syria became a member, the US is the only country in the world who is not a member. Undoubtedly, Trump’s removal only isolates America. Isolation is the sole repercussion. This tip damages America.

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Putin despises the EU. Instead of neighboring the most wealthy and powerful unified trade and monetary body, Putin would prefer a collection of tiny countries. Trump has certainly done his part to eradicate the EU, by applauding Brexit. Why would Trump want England out of the EU? Why would the US president condone the dissolution of one of the world greatest conglomerates? This tip benefits Russia.

“I think the migration has been a horrible thing for Europe,” Trump told Fox News late on Thursday. “A lot of that was pushed by the EU. I would say that they’re better off without it, personally, but I’m not making that as a recommendation. Just my feeling.”  TheGuardian

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Having our president stand at the podium and call Hispanics rapists, and make fun of Africa and Haiti, and ban Muslims from entering our country is wrong. The most powerful man in the world, should be able to articulate himself better and to craft legislation that achieves his goal more efficiently. Resorting to the same exact tactics used by Hitler, is not a wise political move. Unless of course you are trying to tarnish America’s image in the eyes of the world. If that is your objective, you are doing a helluva job! This tip damages America.

According to Susan Rice’s superb opinion piece what would be the final icing on the cake for Putin? What would be Putin’s last bullet on his wish list? A trade war would be real nice! Especially one that pits America against her greatest allies like Canada, Mexico and the EU. This tip damages America.

We can’t argue this anymore. It is fact that Putin helped get Trump elected. It is also fact that Trump’s legislation benefits Russia and hurts America.