The Trump administration works in total secrecy. It is difficult to gauge whose back they are scratching. However, the American public just has to follow Trump’s half-ass legislation to see who is really pouring money into the republican coffers. Trump imposed massive tariffs on products made in China. His “Made in America” fan base cheered from the sidelines. But Trump, as well as the entire republican party are proving that they won’t let Chinese companies take our jobs, unless they give enough money. In a shocking and very sneaky move, republican congress stripped enormous Chinese company ZTE of harsh penalties. Vox

Not like any republicans care when Trump entirely goes back on his word, and rejects the American working class, whose back he rode to the White House, but I guess I was the only one baffled when Trump decisided to ease penalties on Chinese company ZTE. After promulgating his “America first” routine for years and how foreign competition is destroying America, he tweets,

Did the same person who said “I will bring jobs back from China,” also say “Too many jobs in China lost”?

You see the contradiction there?

Trump has been known to bend the rules to fatten his wallets. ZTE is one of China’s largest companies. A more shocking company that Trump’s legislation suspiciously releases from the burdens of his tariffs, is his daughter’s company. While Trump gets red in the face screaming about how China is stealing our jobs, his daughter has a factory in China and he only hires foreigners at his resorts. It is comical.


Shockingly, no one cared about two faced Trump. Or maybe the American public assumed this was just another one of Trump’s drunken tirades that wouldn’t get past the republican congress. The other day, republican congress agreed with Trump to excuse super mega Chinese company ZTE from many of Trump’s tariff penalties.

By stripping the Senate’s tough ZTE sanctions provision from the defense bill, President Trump — and the Congressional Republicans who acted at his behest — have once again made President Xi and the Chinese Government the big winners and the American worker and our national security the big losers,” Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer said in a statement. NBCNews

Even Republican Senator Marco Rubio from Florida was stunned to witness such flagrant hypocrisy.

Many people in our intelligence agencies view Chinese company ZTE as an agent of espionage. This Chinese company makes phones which are used to track our intellectual property. Naturally, when a company is accused of espionage, legislation is designed to block it. In 2016, US sanctions imposed on ZTE, blocked it from America, which practically put it out of business.

Don’t fret my Chinese brothers, when Trump is in office EVERYTHING has a price.

Trump worked out this deal with ZTE, that if they pay a $1 BILLION fine (with a ‘B’), and they allow some Americans to join their board, THEN they could resume selling their vehicles of espionage back in America. NBCNews

The only thing more important than your job to a republican, is their wallet. If you were dumb enough to really think Trump cared about you, you deserve to lose to the Chinese competition.