Let’s start our day with a bagel and a scoop of Trump hypocrisy on the side! A lawyer for Trump’s Department of Justice this week, argued that people can be fired as a result of their sexual orientation.

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This decision from the Trump administration is so wrong on so many levels. For starters, the topic came up on Tuesday before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals under the case of Donald Zarda, who claims that he was fired because he was gay. The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was already involved in the case and arguing that LGBTQ employees are protected by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

But then the Trump administration butt in, and was arguing AGAINST the federal government’s Equal Opportunity Commission.

It’s a little bit awkward for us to have the federal government on both sides of the case,” observed Judge Rosemary Pooler at one point in the oral arguments. Yahoo

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Despite the jarring conflicts, the Trump administration continued and argued,

Employers under Title VII are permitted to consider employees’ out-of-work sexual conduct,” Mooppan told the judges. “There is a common sense, intuitive difference between sex and sexual orientation.”

For decades, it has been accepted that gay people are protected. Dozens of lower level district court cases concluded that people can’t be fired just because they are gay.

So, according to the Trump administration, employers are allowed to speculate what their employees do behind closed doors, and allow such speculation to decide whether or not that employee keeps their job.

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The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed in April that Title VII does in fact cover sexual orientation, noting that any other interpretation of the law would be “confusing and contradictory.” Yahoo

What about President Trump? Behind closed doors he is a sexual predator. No speculation is required to figure out that one. More than a dozen women testified under oath that President Trump sexually molested them. If a man having sex with another man is grounds to be fired, what about a man raping a woman?

If someone could be fired for being gay, what if their wife has been involved in lesbian situations? President Trump’s wife has had pictures taken of her naked rolling around with another woman.

Under Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Trump’s Department of Justice has painstakingly tried to disassemble all of the protection gay people have earned in the past two decades.

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Which is another startling irony, considering how important some gay people have been in our president’s life. Roy Cohn, who once served Joseph R. McCarthy in the 1950s communist investigations, was arguably the most instrumental individual in Trump’s life. Even decades after Cohn died, Trump still requires his guidance.

When his AG Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Trump Russia investigation, Trump cried out, “Where’s my Roy Cohn?”, according to The New York Times.

So Trump’s biggest influence was gay, his wife has participated in the gay lifestyle, he takes money from wealthy gay contributors, but Trump feels being gay constitutes a valid reason to get fired. Some people will even sell their souls for the right amount.